Yannick Noah: ‘I May Have More Chicks, More Wheat’, His Secrets About His ‘Big Depression’

A few days before the start of the Roland-Garros Championship, Sunday newspaperThis Sunday, May 15th, published an interview with 1983 tennis champion Yannick Noah.

To this day, he remains the only Frenchman to have won Roland Garros. While the tennis tournament is scheduled to start on May 22, Sunday newspaper Published, on May 15, an interview with Yannick Noah. The former tennis player looks back on his amazing victory. Unprepared for the fame that would come with his accomplishments, the 23-year-old said he struggled with it. big depression ». My dream came true quickly. […] I was not prepared at all. That wasn’t what drew me to the idea of ​​winning Roland. yI told myself I might have more chicks, more wheat, and that’s it. Glory, but no questions asked. My number was still in the directory. »

He has since replaced his racket with a microphone and talks candidly about the loss of sensation that befell him after his victory, which he had been dreaming of. Proving that the Frenchman can win Roland Garros. “Once I reached that goal, it wasn’t the same, though. I got my best ranking right after that [3e mondial en 1986]. » today Participates in the mental and psychological dimension of the French Tennis FederationYannick Noah used his weekly interview to discuss the importance of psychological monitoring for athletes. Many athletes have had moments of depression. Today, there is a complete accompaniment that makes it not just about hitting the ball. Otherwise, you go crazy. […] It’s sticking around, staying put, managing stress, the audience’s expectations, your expectations, this way of life… and yes, that thing, I lived it. »

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New series and album

Today, from Cameroon, in the village where he grew up, Yannick Noah continues to immerse himself in music, his other passion. His next album is expected to be released in the fall. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime is dedicating a documentary series to him. Noah the meaning of victoryAvailable from May 20th.

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