Wust vs. Kuchaty: This was the televised duel before the 2022 state election

A new state parliament is elected in NRW. An election in the most populous federal state and, therefore, for many nationally, the most important election of the year in Germany. Polls have so far predicted a limited victory for CDU Prime Minister Wüst. The SPD’s lead with the best candidate Kuchaty is only a few percentage points.

So this is going to be an upcoming race

In the polls, the CDU is at 30 percent, the SPD at 28. This is not a particularly big gap for a poll. In terms of personal values, the gap between Wüst and Kuchaty is clearer, but Kuchaty has been able to catch up here in recent months. Therefore, the two main candidates have worked hard over the last few days not to do anything wrong.

Key themes of the campaign: energy and war in Ukraine

The main campaign topics were the war in Ukraine and the issue of energy security. Related to this is the question of how renewable energy can be promoted. Then there were some campaign skirmishes. A few weeks ago there was a resignation from the Wüst government: the Minister of the Environment had to resign because it was learned that he had organized a party in Mallorca shortly after last summer’s flood disaster. But the classic state policy issues were also important: in school politics, for example, the shortage of teachers or the many ruined highway bridges in NRW, as well as the question of how it should be resolved.

Wust vs. Kuchaty: This was the televised duel before the 2022 state election

We are in the final stages of the state election campaign. Elections will be held on Sunday (May 15) and the candidates will give their all again. In WDR there was a TV duel between Hendrik Wüst and Thomas Kutschaty.

On Thursday evening, incumbent Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst of the CDU and his rival, Thomas Kutschaty of the SPD, met during a televised duel on WDR television. José Narciandi has analyzed the duel for you.

There is no clear winner in the Wüst TV duel against Kuchaty

It was a pretty clear draw, especially in terms of issues. Regardless of whether it was housing, clan crime or traffic: both candidates shone with very good expertise. The show or the TV duel showed something in any case: both Wüst and Kuchaty want to continue to hold or take over. I: The substantive differences between the SPD and the CDU are not so great in many respects, despite the differences, for example, in social housing or internal security.

They were both very awake, very present. But it must also be said that Hendrik Wüst was a little ahead of his personal performance: he often presented himself to the point, he was able to convey his concerns and issues in a concise and understandable way – a little better than his opponent in the world. ‘SPD-. Thomas Kuchaty.

Author: José Narciandi

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