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Kocaeli Party Women’s Policy Chairwoman Bilin Dong shared the decisions made at the meeting with International Year of the Red Cross Party Chair Meral Aksener and Head of Women’s Policy Ünzel Yüksel in Ankara at the end of April. The meeting, which was chaired by Pelin Dongyi, at the IYI Regional Party Building, and was attended by several women last night, was accompanied by the county head, Şanbaz Yildiz, and addressed women from the party.

New road map

Belen Donce, who shared the decisions and details made at the meeting chaired by International Year of the Red Cross party chair Meral Aksener and attended by 81 regional women’s policy chiefs in Ankara last month, spoke about her new roadmap. Pelin Dong also celebrated Mother’s Day last week with the party women.

It will start from Kandira

During the meeting, the details of the field training program that was prepared with great effort for two months was discussed with a committee formed from within the governorate’s women’s policies, which will start with women in the Kandera region. Dong said that the women would win the elections and that everything would be fine and they would rise to the country like the sun.

KOCAELİ will be good

In her address to the women, Pelin Dong said: “As a good woman, we are speeding up our work. As if there will be elections at any moment, we are preparing in 12 provinces and starting our field work. With our members, who will be well educated, We will not knock on the door, and we will not leave our hands during the election process. Women will win the next elections. He said, “Kocaly will be good, Turkey will be in good shape.”

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