What if Lee Seung-woo and Ji So-yeon play on the same team?

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[스포츠니어스 | 수원종합운동장=김현회 기자] What if Ji So-yeon and Lee Seung-woo played on the same team?

It is increasingly likely that two Korean football stars will wear the same team uniform. While K League 1 Suwon FC is enjoying a lot of signing Lee Seung-woo this season, it is also reported that Suwon FC Women are close to signing Ji So-yeon, who plays for the Chelsea Ladies. The Suwon FC Women was the team that participated in the WK League under the name “Suwon City Corporation” until last year, and was incorporated into Suwon FC prior to this season. Suwon FC now runs a men’s team and a women’s team at the same time.

Suwon FC, which features Lee Seung-woo and is receiving attention at the box office and performance level this season, is the most active in Ji So-yeon’s recruitment. When Ji So-yeon returns to Korea on the 19th, she will sit down at the negotiating table and start negotiating. Ji So-yeon also said, “We are discussing positively with Suwon FC. I am really excited to play in Korea.” Even the scene where Ji So-yeon and Lee Seung-woo wear the same outfit and stand side by side can have a huge impact on Suwon FC. In particular, with the WK League continuing to challenge Gyeongju KHNP amid the dominance of Incheon Hyundai Steel, Suwon FC Women’s investment is a positive factor.

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Suwon is also active. Suwon City, which also filled in the insufficient budget at the time of Lee Seung-woo’s appointment, plans to solve any financial problems in Ji So-yeon’s future hiring. Suwon FC General Manager Ho-gon Kim said, “Because we run the team transparently, there is no need to rush into huge expenses. As in the case of Lee Seung-woo, when expenses arise urgently, other departments cover the budget and recover the budget afterwards. We expect Shouldn’t there be great difficulties in recruiting Ji So-yeon.”

Suwon-si, who knows Lee Seung-woo’s influence better than anyone else, has high expectations for the synergy that will occur if Ji So-yeon is brought in. Currently, Ji So-yeon will be residing in England after the season ends. He is scheduled to return to Korea on the 19th after organizing his personal affairs. Those facing negotiations with Ji So-yeon are Suwon FC’s strength-building team. Those who took the lead in recruiting male Suwon FC players will be seated face-to-face with Ji So-yeon at the negotiating table. Currently, Suwon FC women train mainly at the Suwon Sports Complex’s supplementary field and have a separate accommodation facility. During the days of Suwon City Corporation, the secretariat was very poor, together they are run by the secretariat of Suwon FC without any additional workforce.

A Suwon FC official said, “I had to take care of WK as well as K-League 1, so the work doubled. However, Lee Seung-woo is a member of our team, and now Ji So-yeon is more likely to come. I work with pride because I do Something that hasn’t been achieved anywhere else in Korean football,” he laughed. In Suwon City, Lee Seung-woo and Ji So-yeon are already waiting for the day to take pictures wearing their uniforms with the words “Suwon Special City.”

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