What happened to Iola Berocal, the controversial couple of Father Devil who betrayed Joaquin Pratt with Montague

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There was a time when television was not understandable without a presence Yola Berocal (51 years old). There was not a week nor a day his name appeared on TV and he tried his luck in addition to that, Mostly reality Mediaset star. In veteran formats, such as Survivors or Glam Hoteland in the new, like strong housewhat or what came to win.

Controversial by nature, Berrocal is found on TV and in Displays his media The method of work. His biography is extensive.; She is an actress, singer, dancer, television contestant, and collaborator. For the times when the small screen has stopped getting in and calls are starting to dwindle, Yola knew how to reinvent herself.

For example, in 2018, he left everything and went to live in Tarifa with a new love and devoted himself to it browse. He also admitted some time ago that “manager Famous“.”In the same way that a footballer plays, when he stops being a footballer, he can become a coach, because I was an artist, I’m still an artist and now I’m an actor“, handle.

Yola Berukal in a January 2018 photo taken during a public event.

Yola Berukal in a January 2018 photo taken during a public event.


No doubt he has tried everything. Of course, before diving into his present, let’s talk about the past and its conquest to fame. Yolanda del Prado Pascual BerúcalHis real name, born real cityAlthough she moved from a young age to live in Madrid Pozuelo de Alarcon.

It was in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when the relationship between Yola and . was doomed Father DevilIt was already well known in the media at that time. That was his biggest media springboard; Many emphasized that this was not love, but rather Self promotion and gathering.

They both know how to play the ignorant in this regard. As a result of this, Yula He starred in his first cover of Interview. His sympathy will lead him to be an ordinary character in Mama MiaAnd from in late Time of night from Javier Sarda (64), Mars Chronicles.

From that moment on, a file began a race in your own physical he has change Thank you so much to many operations – You admit – it was done. She started her career as a singer, dancer, and TV collaborator in the late ’90s with Joseph Louis Moreno (75).

Few people know that Yola BerocalAs much as it was obvious that his future lay on TV, he studied theatrical art. Of course, his interpretive skills had to be shown as a contestant on the show As you see?. Her first job was as a dancer in laughter and starsOne of the Classic formats Moreno.

In 2001 he was awarded one of the The most powerful songs From his career by founding the group sexbomb In cooperation with Malina Grace (52) and Sonia Monroe (49). What started as some kind of joke in Mars Chronicles It became a musical success with songs like Come come come.

Birukal during the final of 'Survivors 2016'.

Birukal during the final of ‘Survivors 2016’.


It was television that propelled Yola Berukal to stardom as a singer, Managed to sell more than 50.000 singles And the song will be the summer of that year. As much as many of the roadmap had predicted, this entry into the music world ended with the three artists facing each other on televisions and berating each other.

LaterAnd in 2003And Yola Berrocal became the winner of Glam HotelThe reality show An excellent introduction. Years later, Telecinco wanted to restore the spirit of this program and created a new version, Reunion. there, Yola reimposed her law and won alongside Juan Miguelformer singer Karina (75).

The Famous Also participate in survivorswhere he got second place in 2016, and in strong housewhere Rise as a winner with Leticia Sabator (55). In addition, Yola Berrocal has been featured in many popular Mediaset shows such as Save mealso butterfly netamong other things.

there was strong housein 2020, where Yola not only found love, but also revealed “betrayal”, as she defined herself, which she did to the announcer. Joaquin Pratt (47). It must be remembered that Yula said in reality show How much he likes the presenter Telecinco, Which initials responded to Pratt letters.

Comment again highlighting some of the photos published in 2008, where they can be seen both In an affectionate attitude, kissing in the garden. From the first moment his name was put on the table, Joaquín did not hesitate to take a step forward and challenged Berucal to tell what really happened between the two of them.

“If we were to tell the story, we would tell her and I, the truth. I think it’s fitting that she was the one telling this story sitting here‘, the reporter agreed. The day came and Joaquín and Yola were, face to face, honest in a group Anna Rosa program.

“We haven’t spoken to each other in 12 years and today we greeted each other on set for the first time. I must say I didn’t say anything about it until I was here, because it seemed the most elegant thing to me. Some pictures have been posted and obviously in his days we had a file. We met twiceAnd BelieveAnd And I want you to explain why we never see each other againPratt began to explain.

Yola Berukal posing at a public event in February 2022.

Yola Berukal posing at a public event in February 2022.


I met you at the gym and I thought we were staring at each otherThen we met again at a drinking store because I was friends with your sister. “We gave each other some phones and we stayed,” Yola revealed.We meet in a barAnd We were meeting and it is clear what happened. The question is, what was that photographer doing there?Joaquin asked.

Show some Days before our meeting I spoke with someone and he told me why not take some pictures with a famous person or with someone who was with me.. At the time I was working on TV and didn’t need anything. That’s when I meet you, call him before the meeting and of course we follow. You were going to pick up something they gave you, a certificate, and well… they wanted me to go out with someone or a couple,” Yula was honest.

With tears in his eyes, Berukal sang a song Middle East and Africa neglect: “I have been analyzingAnd I say to myself “Why did you do that?”. The first is because I didn’t make money, and because at the time I was on TV. I tell you that in 20 years I have never called a photographer, nothing but you. I am so sorry, I apologize and apologize to you and your mother for betraying your trust.”

Currently, Yola Berocal He works as a manager. “I’m a celebrity manager. In the same way that a football player, when he stops being a football player, can become a coach, because I was an artist, well, I’m still an artist and now I’m an actor‘, Berukal emphasized in a recent report in social.

Yola Berocal Management It is the name of his agency from which he obtained caches up to twenty.€000 to any of its representatives. “I love this profession, and when it comes to negotiating, I enjoy my time,” added the contestant, who also works in various fields such as film, television, fashion and music.

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