VIDEO. Max Angel Live, the young man from the north, returns to music with his first solo song and a clip shot in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux

At just 18 years old, Max Angel Live, Maximilien Jendrzezak of his real name, returns to the forefront of the music scene with 4 solo and self-produced titles.

In 2014, Maximilien Jendrzezak became known in the field of music with a duet called Max and Mango. The two 11-year-olds recorded two albums from 2014 to 2016. Their 3 clips have accumulated more than 21 million views on your Youtube channel.

Today, at the age of 18, Maximilien is relaunching his musical career, but this time solo with the recording of 4 songs in the studio. It was during the confinement that the young man from the north decided to resume his musical career, this time in solo and unlabeled.

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Max Angel live

France 3 Alts-de-France

In his titles he addresses different topics with modern and varied compositions. His musical inspiration is based on different types of music: variety, rap, urban pop, jazz, etc. And especially with his favorite artists: Nekfeu and Robbie Williams.

It can go through rap, pop or early music like Sinatra or Robbie Williams

Max Angel live

France 3 Alts-de-France

Closely related to the city where he grew up, his first clip he shot at his home in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux.


Alongside his musical activity, the young man from the north has also been a model since he was two years old. He works for different brands such as Galliano, Tape à l’oeil, Phildar, Resdkins, etc. With his angelic face, he also receives several awards such as the price of Best of Top Model at the Lido in Paris in 2016, or even big winner of the Top Model Belgium 2014.

Since then, Maximilien has continued her career as a model across the Atlantic, more specifically in New York. He also appears in the clips of some French-speaking artists such as Stromae, Keen V or even SCH.

Her future now lies between her two passions: modeling and singing, especially with the release of a second clip soon!

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