Van Kooten and De Bie and Bassie and Adriaan: These Are the Most Popular TV Shows of the 70’s

Yes sister, not sister, farmer wants wife, say AAA and good times, bad times. 70 years of Dutch television has produced many well-known television programs. These are the most popular.

On October 2, Dutch television will turn 70 years old. That’s why we asked 20,000 members of EnenVandaag’s opinion panel about their favorite shows from the last few decades.

The most prominent magazine

News, news, sports and current affairs programs. When people think of television, many think of current affairs programs, such as when viewers point out what they think are the main programs of recent decades.

But there were more, from series and contests to soap operas and documentaries. According to viewers, these are, in addition to current affairs and news, the best television programs of the 70 years of Dutch television.

50s and 60s: comedy and music

‘This is out of life’ by Farsa Major

Harry Bannink

When people think of 50’s and 60’s television, they think of Harry Bannink’s music. He was one of the composers of the music for the satirical program Farce Majeure and the television series Ja Zuster, Nee Zuster. These two programs are by far the favorites of the first decades of Dutch television.

The One Man Show, Toon Hermans and Stiefbeen in Zoon, the two winners of the first Televizier Rings, were also the top five, as was Voist de Vuist. Younger participants usually choose Yes sister, not sister. For them, the series is best known for the film and musical that came out around the year 2000.

1970: Netherlands 1 and Netherlands 2

Highlights from On Land, On Sea and in the air

Homemade vehicles, a bell and the price of the breakdown

It is the longest entertainment program in history: Te Land, Ter Zee en de Lucht was first shown on television in 1971. The TROS program, in which participants had to take a course with their Homemade vehicle, is clearly the favorite program of the seventies.

It was originally presented by Willem van Kooten. This was followed by André van Duin, Bert Kuizenga and Jack van Gelder, among others, who presented the longest program at 12 years old. And who says Te Land also says Johan Vlemmix. The entrepreneur participated more than a hundred times and later became a member of the jury and incumbent.

Generational differences

It is the slightly later generations that ensure that ‘Te Land’ occupies the first position since the seventies. With parts such as the Bath Race, Driving Back and Flying, the program is etched in the memory of many: “That bell, the homemade vehicles and the commentary, all very funny and a real family program,” someone writes.

There are also clear generational differences in the television programs of the 1970s. When the then-popular Diary of a Herdershond series, ‘t Schaep met of 5 Pooten in 2 voor 12, is especially popular with older viewers, AVRO’s Toppop with Ad Visser is the favorite of that era of many of 35 at 65 years old. olds .: “I still miss something as authentic as Toppop, that’s why I lived! Bands used to come to the studio mostly to do lip sync and how!”

80s: humor and characters

‘Kranprie de het Binnenhof’ by Koot i Bie

The dirty man and Dr. Van der Ploeg’s assistant

The Dirty Man, Jacobse and Van Es and Cor van der Laak; When it comes to the 80’s, everyone thinks of the characters of Kees van Kooten and Wim de Bie. So it’s Koot and Bie who lead the list of favorites of that era and maybe never. Because if people are allowed to fill in what comes to mind when they think of 70 years of television, Van Kooten and De Bie are often mentioned in addition to news programs.

The 1980s were also the time of Zeg ‘ns AAA. “That show was all about humor, especially thanks to that fantastic Carry‘ With Dr. Van der Ploeeeg’s assistant ’Tefsen,” writes one viewer.

Animals, hidden cameras and a hospital

André van Duins Animal Crackers is also good. The list of favorite shows from this decade is complete with Medisch Centrum West (“wonderfully creepy”) and Banana Split (“super fun”), which are especially popular with younger participants.

Lingo !, Soundmixshow and Mini Playbackshow are also in the top 5 with them, but not among the elderly.

1990: The rise of commercial broadcasting

Introduction by Baantjer

RTL programs

Until the 1980s, there were only public broadcasters in the Netherlands, but that changed when RTL-Véronique, later RTL 4, began broadcasting in 1989.

In the 1990s, programs that were (also) broadcast by commercial stations dominated. For example, the comedy series Het Zonnetje in Huis with father and son John Kraaijkamp and Martine Bijl is doing well. The series about the Bovenkamp family began with VARA, but was later aired by RTL for years. Peter R. de Vries, crime reporter (RTL and SBS) and Dit was het Nieuws (TROS, then RTL and AVROTROS) are also popular.

From Cock to COCK

There are two real atypical cases in this decade. For example, happiness was common at the time, with Gerard Cox, Joke Bruijs, and Sjoerd Pleijsier etched in the memory of many. The TV series, which was played in Rotterdam, was shown on television for 16 years.

But the most popular in the 1990s were De Cock with COCK and his colleague Vledder: large groups of participants from different generations labeled the RTL Baantjer series as the program of the time.


Not on the list

Major titles like All you need is Love, Good Times, Bad Times and Big Brother are not in the top 5. All You Need is Love is popular with women of all ages, but it doesn’t even reach the top 10 among men. GTST, the oldest soap opera in the Netherlands, is also better with women. Big Brother had a good first season, but it didn’t last long.

00s: long-term titles

Fun moments from The World Turns On

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and Jack Spijkerman

“This is De Wereld Draait Doorrr!” For years, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk’s show captivated hundreds of thousands of viewers every day. It is, therefore, this program that is at the top of the list of favorites of the 00s.

Immediately afterwards follows a program with another well-known introduction: “It’s Saturday night. You can’t go anywhere. Zapping doesn’t make sense. That’s Kopnagels!” Millions of people watched Jack Spijkerman’s entertainment program every Saturday night, which peaked between 2001 and 2003, when more than 3 million people tuned in to Tack Nails each week.

VI: only popular among men

As in other decades, the favorite programs of the first part of this decade are all long-running titles. Is this how Farmer looks for wife, De Lama and Wie is de Mol? it is also good.

Pauw in Witteman is the favorite among older viewers, but the show scores much less with younger viewers. This group often refers to the still popular Robinson expedition. Voetbal Inside (VI) is very good with men: the football gathering ranks second in this group. But among the women, she scores so low (18th place) that VI does not reach the top-5 overall.

The 10s: old faces, new shows

Perhaps the most famous fragment of Zondag met Lubach: “America first, the Netherlands second.”


Public broadcasting has once again dominated in recent years, with very different programs. From Slimste Mens to Luizenmoeder, for example, are at number 2 and 3. The satirical television series about primary school only had two seasons, but was popular and controversial from the start.

The De Slimste Mens TV test with Philip Freriks and Maarten van Rossem has been on NPO2 since 2012 and is still going on. The first winner of ‘De Slimste’ on the public broadcaster was Arjen Lubach, who, according to viewers, made the best show in recent years. Old and young agree that Zondag met Lubach is the title of the 10s.

Travel and cook

On Sunday with Lubach he won the Golden Televizier-Ring in 2017. The previous year, Floortje won at the end of the world, in which travel journalist Floortje Dessing takes viewers to special places on earth. This program is number four on the latest television. The top-5 is completed with the Heel Holland Bakt cooking program. This has twice as many scores among women as among men, but the program also goes well with a sixth place.

Young and old alike are very much in agreement with the best programs of recent years. It is noteworthy that Flikken Maastricht has high scores among participants under the age of 35, while the Pauw social gathering program is a favorite of those over the age of 65.

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Favorite children’s programs

Who remembers? Swiebertje’s opening melody

Adriaan is an acrobat and Bassie is full of crossing

These are mostly children’s shows that many people have fond memories of: “My best memories of television come from my childhood, when watching TV was still special because it wasn’t always allowed. I could really enjoy it so much,” he writes. a participant. .

The differences between generations are logically large here. Among the younger viewers, the favorites are very close together. News from Sinterklaas, Sesame Street, Het Jeugdjournaal and Het Klokhuis is very popular, but the final favorite of younger viewers is Bassie and Adriaan. The clown and the acrobat are the heroes of childhood of different generations. “Where do you see Bassie going, then Adriaan will come!” a contestant recalls the opening melody of the series. Someone else says, “Look left, look right, I sang the songs on the show with my kids and now for my grandchildren.”

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Hi Swiebertje

The differences are bigger with the larger viewers. Uncle Willem, Floris, and Fabeltjeskrant are among the group’s most popular youth programs, and Weg naar Hamelen and Theo and Thea are doing well.

Here, too, a clown occupies a prominent place on the list, because according to many older participants, Pipo the Clown is one of the best children’s programs ever made. But by far the biggest favorite among this generation is Swiebertje. According to many older participants, the children’s show about Swiebertje Vagabond and the Bromsnor Guard is the best that 70 years of television has produced: “When I think of my childhood, I think of Swieber. His special language, humor. I would watch. again in a heartbeat “.


About research

This survey was conducted from September 15 to 20, 2021. 19834 members of the Opinion Panel participated in the survey.

Participants received a list of high-profile programs by decade, compiled in collaboration with the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision. Respondents were allowed to mark their three favorite programs per decade and were given the option everywhere to make additions to the list presented.

After consideration, the study is representative of six variables, namely: age, gender, education, marital status, nationwide distribution, and political preference measured after the 2021 elections to the House of Representatives. ‘Opinion consists of 70,000 members.

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