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Director Ma Dong-seok’s “Crime City” series has emerged as a hot issue for Chungmuro. With the release of ‘Crime City 2’ on the 18th, the main line-ups for Season 3 including villain Lee Jun-hyeok, Oki Munetaka, Lee Beom-su and Kim Min-jae were revealed, raising expectations for ‘Crime City 3’. The film industry and fans are deeply interested in the birth of Korean-style detective franchises such as “Lethal Weapon” and “Die Hard”.

The production team of “Crime City” is preparing to release “Crime City 2” on the 18th of the month, and final preparations are in full swing for the shooting of “Crime City 3” at the end of June. Earlier, at the premiere and press conference of “Crime City 2” on the 11th, Ma Dong Seok said, “I thought of it as a series of planning stage.

Even before the first script came out, I was thinking about getting franchises for 8 episodes, and the situation was in order.” He said, after completing the filming of “Crime City 3”, filming of “Crime City 4” was expected to begin. Great.

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In the 2017 movie Crime City, Yoon Kye-sang plays Jang Chen, and in Crime City 2, Son Seok-gu plays Kang Hae-sang and plays different villains. In the third episode, Lee Jun-hyeok will be chosen to show a different color of villains. Other incidents and other villains are dealt with with a focus on monster detective Ma Seok-do (Ma Dong-seok), but the basic worldview remains the same, such as ‘justice being served’ and ‘punishment against evil’.

As such, the success or failure of “Crime City 2” is becoming more and more important. This work depicts an exhilarating crime-fighting operation between “Ma Seok-do” (Ma Dong-seok) and Geumcheon-seo gangsters to capture “Kang Hae-sang” (Son Seok-gu), the most powerful villain who has taken over Vietnam. It increased volume by going back and forth between Vietnam and Korea, and raised the bar for action and humor to the extreme. Rating downgraded from previous ineligible to watch for young adults to those aged 15 and over.

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picture explanationStills for “Crime City 2”

If the first part focuses on the introduction of the character, then the second part puts more effort into reviving the punishment of evil. The tight teamwork of ad-lib deities creates synergy in a simple but powerful story without excessive twists and turns. The new villain, Son Seok-gu, is responsible for the suspense with a representation of progressive madness. Unlike the first movie, which gave an intense freshness to discover hidden pearls like villain Yoon Ki Sang, who shocked them with an unexpected transformation, Jin Seon Kyu, Kim Seung Gyo, and Heo Dong Won, this time, it is a spectacle that can be seen on a scale that includes both foreign and domestic markets.

Episode 1 crossed ratings limits and amassed 6.88 million people, hitting the home box office. The box office performance of the two films, whose ratings have been lowered in light of the box office, can serve as a benchmark for restoring the daily life of Korean films after social distancing is lifted, and is expected to have a significant impact on the production of new series in the future.

Lauded as well-made entertainment after the press preview, attention is focused on whether it will be able to cement its place as Korea’s leading detective weapon until “Crime City 3”. The break-even point for Episode 2 is 1.5 million people.

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