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Offenbach (dpa) – After sunny days, the week begins with showers and thunderstorms in many parts of Germany. As early as Monday night, the first showers are expected to arrive from Switzerland and France, according to the German Meteorological Service in Offenbach.

After a quiet morning, the storms are expected to pick up again from Monday afternoon. In the evening, the southwestern half of the country was particularly affected, that is, “in general, all the regions west of the Weser and parts of Bavaria and Thuringia,” a DWD meteorologist said.

There is a risk of storms in some areas, and hail and gusts of wind may also occasionally occur. However, the DWD stressed that not all storms lead to a storm. “But where storms form, local and underground flooding or flooded underground passages should be expected,” the meteorologist said.

According to the DWD, temperatures from the Oder to Schleswig-Holstein rise from 19 to 24 degrees, in the rest of the country the maximum values ​​are from 23 to 28 degrees.

Friend from Tuesday

In the following days the weather should calm down again. It could still rain at some points until Tuesday afternoon. Otherwise, according to the DWD, there is mainly a mixture of sun, dense clouds and individual showers with maximum values ​​between 19 and 28 degrees.

Wednesday will be even kinder. It is expected to be very sunny with temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees. “Just east of the Elbe it’s a little less warm between 20 and 24 degrees,” the DWD meteorologist said.


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