The most beautiful Ganga Dham to be built here in Patna, people will be able to get the amazing 101 meter high darshan from the Maa Gange statue

NEWSPR office. A 101-meter-high statue of Mother Ganga will be erected in the Diarra district adjacent to Patna. Diarra district will be developed in the name of Ganga Dham. Sabalpur Diara built in central Sonpur will be developed as a tourism centre. The Ministry of Tourism is doing its best in this regard. Explain that it must be developed with the help of private investors. Ganga Museum, Convention Center, Stadium, etc. will be specially established to attract tourists. This is where a 101-foot-tall statue of Maa Gange will be installed.

According to the information, Ganga Mahotsav will be celebrated at this place in April 2023 next year. Therefore, efforts to develop it accelerated. Preparations are underway to give him the form of Ganga Dham. The DPR will be prepared and submitted to the state government. It is also said that artists from 12 states will be invited to the festival. These areas include Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Assam etc. With women’s empowerment in mind, 500 women will perform the Ganga Maha Aarti. At the same time, the participation of organizations conducting research on the Ganges will also be guaranteed.

Apart from this, Ganga Aarti will also organize five thousand disciples. There is also a plan to invite Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Gangutsav. Several programs will also be developed in Gangutsav taking into account the Guinness Book of Records. For the first time, Kerala’s famous Snake Regatta on the Ganges will be organized. Apart from that, a 10-day Stars Evening will also be organized in which famous singers and singers will perform. DPR will be ready by June. After that, it will be considered at the state government level. Several departments will become partners in the development of Ganga Dham. In this, the Department of Tourism, the Department of Artistic Culture and Youth, the Department of Water Resources, the Department of Transportation are mainly involved in this. According to the plan, Gangadam will be developed as a community.

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