The 10 Weirdest Reality TV Spinoffs Ever Made

latest reality show, sell sunsetis about to get its own spinoff. sell OC It will likely follow the same pattern as its parent series, which will no doubt please fans of the series. However, hitting the right note with spinoffs isn’t always easy, and many reality TV series receive spinoffs that aren’t well-received by fans.

from multiple Keeping up with the Kardashians Derivatives that failed to generate interest basketball wife With follow-ups no one asked for, these spinoffs proved short-lived compared to their predecessors due to their lackluster or downright bizarre concepts.

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Sprint Doll (2015)

sprint doll

While the show itself wasn’t too bizarre in terms of plot, the demand for the show was a bit unexpected.Although fans Keeping up with the Kardashians Love the DASH store, the audience never really asked for an insight into the lives of the staff when the sisters weren’t around.

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A lot of fans feel that the Kardashians have their own clothing store simply because they’re directly involved, but without them, fans wouldn’t be nearly as interested. Needless to say, the show only lasted eight episodes.

Baseball Wife (2012)

baseball wife

With success basketball wife, getting other sports into the series is almost a no-brainer.However, since basketball tends to be a more popular American sport than baseball, it is almost certain that baseball wife Doomed to fail.

While baseball is a fun sport, basketball has had an even bigger impact on pop culture for reasons that are unclear. However, many celebrities do tend to focus more on basketball players, and they are more well-rounded in the media, so it’s not surprising that basketball culture has such a phenomenon.

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart (2005)

Apprentice Martha Stewart

Following the success of the original drama apprentice, famed chef Martha Stewart decided to take over the legacy of Donald Trump’s dismissal. It’s clear, however, that just one season later, fans haven’t embraced the idea of ​​changing owners too much.

What makes the show so weird is that Martha has been under house arrest for most of the series, which makes the show even weirder. While a divisive figure, fans can admit that Trump’s “you’re fired” punchline is different from Martha’s friendlier departure note.

Kate Plus Dating (2019)

Kate Plus Date

in view of john and kate plus 8 Although it’s already a controversial TLC reality show, and despite its huge popularity, many fans are wondering why the network gave Kate another chance after so many years. While seeing Kate return to the dating scene after her kids are all grown up is a complete moment, many viewers just don’t feel right.

While fans admired her for putting herself out there again after a seemingly harrowing public divorce, viewers couldn’t get over how embarrassing the whole premise was. Fans believe that with the show only running for one season, there are probably things that should be done in private for the sake of Kate and her romantic future.

Bachelor’s Gift: Listening to Your Voice (2020)

Bachelor Gifts Listen to Your Heart

While fans appreciate the sentiment of expanding success Bachelor In the universe, some things really should be left alone. While the show does offer some great talent, many viewers don’t think it’s a dating show because they spend most of their time singing rather than showing relationships.

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Although the first Bachelor get rid of, Bachelor in Paradise, became a hit, and it seemed like overkill to combine a singing show with a dating show. That being said, it’s clear how fans feel about the series since it only lasted six episodes.

rob and sheena (2016)

Rob and Chyna

The Kardashians are no strangers to spinoffs, and even extended families have embraced their own shows. Even though Rob is a legitimate Kardashian, his then-girlfriend Chyna made sure to keep an eye on her throughout the series.

While the two are undoubtedly entertaining to watch, their toxic relationship dynamics are enough to make fans very uncomfortable. With the couple arguing and even hurting each other for years, it’s safe to say TV viewers don’t want to accept the relationship anymore, and the show was discontinued after just one season.

Tiny & Shekinah’s Weaving Journey (2014)

Tiny & Shekinah's Weaving Journey

less successful than its predecessor TI & Tiny: Family Hustle, this derivative is as random as the title suggests. The show details all the shenanigans that Tiny and her friend Shekinah encounter while running their mobile hair salon business.

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While the show’s premise is intriguing and sure to grab some attention, the show has struggled to find a target market for a reality TV spin-off. Unfortunately for the reality star, the show only lasted one season, with a maximum of eight episodes.

Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend (2009)

paris hilton's british best friend

There’s no denying that Paris Hilton was the “it girl” of the early 2000s, so it’s only natural that companies go to great lengths to squeeze her star quality. However, some viewers felt her TV appearances reached their limits at some point.

Many fans were amused by the original work, my new friend, in which Paris hand-picked her new “best friend” after a series of challenges and competitions, but fans thought the Brit-themed spinoff was unexpected and rather bizarre. There’s also a Dubai version of her, which some fans find more over-the-top and unnecessary, though still funny.

Dear Boo Comes (2012)

dear boo boo

One of the weirdest TLC shows to date, dear boo boo Tells the story of the child phenomenon and her family life.The unique child star originally appeared in Toddlers and Headweardespite its popularity, also didn’t have the best ratings.

From the immature family dynamics to the over-the-top potty humor, the audience wasn’t as interested as they were uncomfortable. Honey Boo Boo’s mom even has her own take on her weight loss journey, June mom: never hotwhich confuses viewers considering previous shows have been intimidating and have low ratings.

My Fair Brady (2005)

my fair brady

Celebrity couples met through the show surreal life, Adrian Curry and Christopher Knight definitely showed their wackiest sides in front of the camera. From the strangely intimate and uncomfortable scenes to the ex-supermodel asking him to marry her, viewers have absolutely no idea what the couple thinks.

While their relationship makes for a good TV show, it’s weird for fans to see the previous health Brady Bunch The rising star shows a slightly provocative, caring side. my fair brady Three seasons in a row, so the reality show has definitely had an impact on fans.

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