She was racially abused by EastEnders star Katie Jarvis on camera

Katie Jarvis, one of the mothers who was racially abused by the EastEnders star, said she was left “shocked” and unable to return to work.

Michelle Antonio recounted the debilitating panic attacks she is now experiencing in her first interview since Jarvis’ racist sermon outside a bar in Southend, Essex.

Jarvis Michelle Antonio described it as


She was caught on video yelling insults


Last month, the actress admitted to shouting “Black lives don’t matter” during the fight that took place in July 2020.

Michelle was enjoying her day at the beach with her daughters, who were then seven, 18 and 25 years old, when Jarvis set off in a bad-mouthed sermon outside a fish and chips store.

Nerves erupted over a chair, which was used by Michelle and her family.

The performer, who played Hayley Slater, erupted in anger, calling Michelle a “black***” and boasting, “I’m a celebrity.”

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“How could racism like this continue to happen in the 1920s? You think things have changed but nothing,” Michelle, 49, told the Sunday Mirror.

Katie yelled, ‘Black lives don’t matter, I’m a celebrity,’ over and over.

“You called me and my daughters ‘blackness’.

I was shocked, angry, frustrated, upset and embarrassed.

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“I was so excited and angry. I was screaming and phlegm was flying everywhere.”

Michelle, a single mother, said she has had to stop working after “isolating and withdrawing” and having panic attacks.

“I felt mentally unstable,” he said.

“As the case went to court, I was having panic attacks, getting nervous and thinking, ‘Oh my God, I hope we don’t have to go through this.’

“I had to quit my job as a college student recruitment officer, which I loved.”


Jarvis pleaded guilty to one count of severe racial harassment against Michelle and one count of common assault on a doorman who spat on him two hours later.

He was given a two-year community order, although he could have faced a two-year prison sentence.

“I’ve been sitting here nervous for two years,” mother-of-three Michelle from White City, London, told the newspaper.

“I feel like I was wasting my time.”

He called the phrase “a slap on the wrist.”

Katie never apologized… she should never go back to work

Jarvis lost his job on the series and worked as a security guard at a branch of B&M thrift store after his vile outburst.

He later issued a humiliating public apology.

“Kate Jarvis claims she’s not racist, but when people are drunk, the truth comes out and those words come out of her mouth,” Michelle said.

“She apologized to me publicly but not personally and it was me who mistreated me.

“You should never go back to work.

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“If he loses money, it is because of his behavior.”

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “Investigations can be lengthy as officers are reviewing evidence, taking data and examining available security cameras, but we have been in contact with Ms Antonio the entire time.”

After he was fired from the soap, Jarvis took a new job as a security guard for B&M.


She was sentenced by a community order by a court last month.


But Michelle says she should have been imprisoned, and now she should never work again.


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She was racially abused by EastEnders star Katie Jarvis on camera.

Celebrities spread and believe false information on social media and as a result are trolled.