Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon resigns, appointed on 17 … “The madness of a political prosecutor”

Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon (center) attends a staff hearing at the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul, on the morning of the 9th.

Han Dong-hoon, a candidate for Minister of Justice, announced on the 15th that he had resigned as prosecutor. Analysts say this is a process that took place before the nomination of a candidate by President Yoon Seok-yeol this week. President Yoon previously asked the National Assembly to resubmit a report on the progress of staff hearings on a candidate before the 16th. The appointment is scheduled for the 17th as soon as all related procedures. The Democratic Party of Korea strongly opposes expressions such as “madness (of power)” and “lynching” declared by a candidate in his resignation letter. Consequently, if President Yoon nominates a candidate, it is likely to affect the vote of the National Assembly for the approval of Prime Minister Han Deok-soo.

● Letter of resignation of Han Dong-hoon: “The madness of a political prosecutor”

In principle, the presidency considers that it is not unreasonable to nominate a candidate from the 17th. As the deadline for resubmitting the hearing report to staff is the 16th, it means that all related procedures. A senior presidential official said: “In the case of a candidate, there is no major disqualification from holding public office, and there seems to be no major issue in the appointment in terms of public sympathy.”

However, there is a tendency to look at the atmosphere of the opposition party to the end, as President Yoon is scheduled to send a message calling for co-operation in his first parliamentary speech on the 16th. The presidential office said: “There is an urgency to appoint the Minister of Justice, as we need to appoint the prosecutor quickly, as they have resigned in large numbers, even to the top prosecutor.” a date for the appointment, “he said. The timing of the appointment may be adjusted a bit depending on the circumstances of the National Assembly, but it also means the appointment does not change.

That day, the Democratic Party was again infested with a candidate’s resignation letter. Earlier, one candidate described the so-called “complete examination and deprivation of the prosecuting authority” as a “night escape” and then used expressions such as “madness” and “lynching” in his resignation letter. . Within the Democratic Party, there is an atmosphere that “we have crossed the threshold with a letter of resignation.” A Democratic MP who belongs to the Legislative and Judicial Committee of the National Assembly complained in a phone call that day, saying, “The candidate for public office made an intolerable political attack on our party with close comments.”

If President Yoon proceeds to nominate a candidate in this environment, it is likely to have a significant impact on the judgment of the Democratic Party, which has the key to voting to approve a prime ministerial candidate as the first party in the House. A member of the Democratic Party leadership said in a phone call that day, “Hand Deok-soo was considered as ineligible as Han Deok-soo and Han Dong-hoon as Han Dong-hoon.” can’t (approval). “

However, the Democratic Party is concerned that, ahead of the June 1 local elections, public opinion “withdrawing the new government” and suspicions of sexual misconduct within the party may overlap. it can cause it to retreat into the battle of public opinion. An opposition official said: “In the end, we were in a situation where we were just looking at the candidacy of Health and Welfare Minister Jeong Ho-young.

● The “Soju meeting” proposed by 尹 has failed

The “soju meeting” between President Yoon, the Speaker of the National Assembly and the leaders of the three opposition parties, which was hailed as an opportunity to resolve the tense political situation, also failed in the end. A senior official in the presidential office said the same day: “Yesterday (14) I finally informed the president that it would be difficult to promote the meeting this time.”

This meeting was initially held with the intention of expressing gratitude to the President of the Presidency for supporting President Yoon for holding an opening ceremony with a large crowd in the National Assembly and for holding a frank discussion with representatives. of the opposition and opposition parties for cooperation. However, Democratic Party Emergency Response Committee Chairman Yun Ho-jung did not give a definitive answer and it was said that the event was eventually canceled. He is also said to have been influenced by a photo of Yoon’s Bi-president meeting with Kim Kun-hee, President Yoon’s wife at the inaugural dinner, and receiving protests from fans when a photo of Yoon was posted. ‘he smiling widely.

A presidential official said: “The door is open and we will meet whenever the Democratic Party contacts us.” On the other hand, Democratic Party spokesman Lee Su-jin criticized: shining “.

Journalist Hong Soo-young [email protected]
By Park Hoon-sang, journalist [email protected]

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