Prime Video added 15 new movies last week

Prime Video added quite a few new movies this week. We include them all for you, as you will get used to us by now!

courier (2019)

direction: Zachary Adler | spit.: Olga Kurylenko, Gary Oldman, Amit Shah, Alicia Agnesson

One day, a courier (Olga Kurylenko) discovers a bomb in the package that she has to deliver. The package is for the sole witness to a murder by an unscrupulous mobster (Gary Oldman). The Quest sets out to rescue the witness and kills corrupt CIA agents and Russian assassins after him.Asterix Le Gulloa (1967)

direction: Ray Goossens | spitRoger Carrell, Jacques Morell, Pierre Tornad, Jacques Guano

The village of Asterix and Obelix is ​​the only village in Gaul that was not occupied by the Romans. This displeases the commander of the Roman army Caius Bonus, who cannot bear the defeat of his armies at the hands of these indomitable Gauls.

Suga Suga (2021)

direction: Richards Omos Eboye | spitTana Adelana, Ayo Adesanya Hassan, Vivian Anani, Charles Innoji

Dorogay the Elder is a successful doctor and a wealthy billionaire. However, his passion for young girls separates his family. Because of his infidelity, his wife leaves him and asks for a divorce. The rest of the family gets angry with him. Meanwhile, a smart young man comes to his mansion to work as a maid. While everyone deals with the news of affairs, everyone’s little crazy act slowly brings the family back together.

pig (2021)

direction: Michael Sarnosky | spit: Nicholas Cage, Alex Wolff, Adam Arkin, Adam Arkin

Stranger Rob (Nicolas Cage) lives in the Oregon wilderness with a cuddly pig who helps him hunt truffles. When the boar is kidnapped one day, Robb returns to civilization and does everything he can to meet her. But then he will also have to face his past…

Crazy Grannies (2021)

direction: Top Alec, Caywood Peters | spit: Rosemary Abazi, Adewale Adidayo, Princess Damilola Adekoya, Mercy Egbe

The three grandmothers Chita, Eri and O’Model are old friends who have kept in touch over the years. Now in their 60s, they are faced with a difficult choice: accept their age and role as grandmothers or go out to celebrate again. Despite Omodele’s previous health issues, the trio decided to head to a resort on a much-needed girls’ trip. The holiday takes an interesting turn when the chance that someone will find love again increases.

unwanted guest (2016)

direction: Fred Olin Ray | spit.: Beth Littleford, Kate Mansi, Valentina Novakovic, Jessica Cameron

it is winter. A young woman named Amy is on vacation. However, she does not have a place to stay for a while. Kristen, her best friend, invites Amy to stay at her house. Amy behaves very strangely and begins to terrorize Kristen and her family.

summer 03 (2018)

direction: Becca Gleeson | spit.: Joey King, Paul Scherr, Andrea Savage, Jack Kilmer

Sixteen-year-old Jamie and her family are shocked when Grandma Dottie, on her deathbed, reveals a series of startling family secrets. Amidst this chaos, Jimmy must find her way. On the one hand, there is her almost non-existent love life, and on the other hand there are her friends with whom she shares a strong bond.

stalking (1979)

direction: Andrei Tarkovsky | spit: Alisa Freindlich, Alexander Kaidanovsky, Anatoly Solonitsyn, Nikolai Grenko

Stalker is a 1979 film by Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky, best known for his smart, but very mysterious films. In the industrial zone, an area is created where the ordinary laws of life no longer apply. At first glance, Stalker looks like a science fiction movie, but things are not so simple with Tarkovsky. Sure enough, he also had political intentions in making Stalker.

sailing in love (2019)

direction: Lee Friedlander | spit: Leah Cudmore, Chris McNally, Fiona Froome, Gary Garneau

Biology teacher Claire has been asked to be a bridesmaid at no fewer than three weddings. Meanwhile, she takes her students on a field trip to Blue Island. Claire discovers that a real estate developer wants to build a resort there and sets out on a mission to stop it. You get help from the handsome captain Tom.

love in the sun (2019)

direction: Rich Newey | spit.: Emerod Tobia, Tom Madden, Sean Christian, Betsy Graver

When Alana goes to college in Chicago, she and boyfriend Karl vow to stay together forever. After ten years they separated due to distance. Alana still lives in Chicago and has since developed a dating app. She got engaged to Evan, but when Alana returned to Florida to develop her app further, his love tested.

love in the sea (2018)

direction: Mel Damsky | spit.: Alexa Vega, Carlos Pena, William R Moses, Audrey Landers

Event planner Olivia has a special opportunity to organize a big event on a luxury cruise ship. The event is hosted by her well-known friend Alexandra. While on the cruise ship, Olivia communicates with charming young Tony who works on the ship. The two should work together to make the trip go smoothly.

Like cats and dogs (2004)

direction: James Widows | spit: Charisma Carpenter, Tyler Labin, Chris Arnold, Joanna Canton

A reservation went wrong and two tenants had to share a house in a seaside town. But the situation is far from ideal, since they cannot be different – among other things, one is a cat and the other a dog.

Henk Tamming, Santa Claus’s assistant (1992)

direction: Willem van der Poel | spit.: Yapp Jongblood, Paula Patricio, Bart Römer, Martin Spanger

After a big fight, Henk returns home again. He finds a letter from his wife Maria with the letter she left to Madrid with a certain Gert. Hank immediately packs his things and leaves for Schiphol to follow his wife. During the flight to Madrid, he slept. His dream starts from 10 to 12 news. She says that Sinterklaas cannot come to the Netherlands due to old age, but according to other sources there is a completely different reason and that is why Sint has been replaced by Henk Temming this year. When he arrived in Spain, Henk went straight to Sinterklaas Palace. There he gets an explanation from Sinterklaas, why Henk should replace him this year…!

Juba (2019)

direction: biotin steven | spit: Blossom Chukwujekwu, Chris Iheuwa, Helen Enado Odigie, Ronke Ojo

The faith of a childless Christian husband is tested when all fingers point to him for childlessness. He has to protect his wife who wants to commit suicide and at the same time maintain her faith.

American driver (2017)

direction: Musa Anwang | spit: Evan King, Jim Iyke, Anita Chris Nwaezeapu, McPc The Comedian

American Jack Carrey is far from growing up and still lives at home with his mother. He takes a job as a chauffeur and leads Nigerian celebrities to an annual show to impress his boss Kate. While working, Jack tries to make friends with actor Jim Iyke. On the other hand, the latter only wants to be left alone.

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