Presentations at the First National Conference: Rediscovering Politics (13/05/2022)

Parties not quite in fashion yet, according to the ruling by delegates to the National Conference of Democrats, Democratic Solidarity, assembled today in Rome for the first assembly of the National Congress (ending tomorrow), Politics is still a huge passion. We are not talking about civil associations or anti-political movements. As one of the guests mentioned, the mayor of Rome Roberto GualtieriThis fact, who was born three years ago, stands out for her desire to practice politics above all else. “Without politics,” the statement says, “we cannot hope for a better world.” A brave choice that stems from below from the commitment to elect representatives in neighborhoods, cities, and regions, and aspires to reform the relationship between institutions and citizens’ needs.

“Solidarity” is an adjective for their idea of ​​democracy, but another trait must be added to it: “social.” Because the other great challenge of this new formation, in which many advocates come from the world of the Sant’Egidio community, is to reconnect the world of volunteerism and commitment in the community with the decisions of the municipalities, regions and the Italian Parliament, as of the European. In Strasbourg he elected with them Pietro Bartolo, doctor of immigrants from Lampedusa.

At the same time, the idea of ​​society is based on “the value of society”. Mario Giroud, President of the AssociationWhen introducing the works, he wanted to emphasize the idea of ​​inclusion, hospitality and community solidarity. We are in many Italian cities and regions with the quality of committed people. To have a wonderful challenge,” he said. With the politics of leaders but in a society of people who act as a bridge between institutions and citizens.”

Those from Demos are placed in the middle of the political spectrum but in the center of the left, in the “big field” launched by Enrico Letta, who also spoke at the opening of the assembly. It was precisely to the audience of Deimos Letta’s delegates that he stated that his experience at the helm of the Democratic Party could not be considered successful if neither “ius Culturae” or “ius scholae” had been approved in the meantime. “I say it and believe it deeply because I know how far behind our country is in all of this,” he said.

In Demos, the reference to the Catholic tradition is clear. “Our roots lie in democratic and progressive Catholicism and in a secular, civic, supportive and anti-fascist culture,” the party’s statement says. Nevertheless, Mario Giroud wanted to emphasize the contribution of Deimos, in this difficult global situation, to the search for all possible ways to achieve peace. On Saturday, the National Congress Assembly will determine the party organs and elect the new National Secretary.

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