Patsy, the man from Arava, nearly won the reality TV show for betting

April 2000. The entire country is on fire for a show that will revolutionize television history. Big Brother pioneered the path of reality TV, and everyone else has had more or less success for more than two decades.

In Vitoria-Gasteiz, in a corner of the Itxas Berri restaurant in the Arana neighborhood, a 25-year-old looks at a screen surrounded by his staff. Between laughter, jokes and beer, he bet them that he would be on the next reality show that aired because “I gave the profile.” no sooner said than done. In September of the same year, to the surprise of many, Patsy Gallego This is the one that appears in the air every day.

he made it bus, Antena 3 tried unsuccessfully to emulate the reality TV show for Big Brother viewers. His idea was to build a Guadalix house on wheels and visit picturesque locations on National Geographic weekly.

Overlay realistic bus

“Friends and family were amazed that no one believed there was a kid nearby who had gotten there,” Patsy recalled 20 years later.He received an award for being one of the Few from Arava to join reality show on state TV. Although no one managed to appear in one of the most famous characters: Big Brother, Chef or Operación Triunfo.

His humorous personality and taste for comedy and humor have given him a boost in the cast. “I’m open, chatty, the clown of every gang friend,” he admitted.

“The selection process was very tough, although I liked it better than the reality show”

There is an ace in the hole to overcome A ‘very tough’ selection process. “I almost liked it more than reality,” he admitted. The first stage consists of multiple-choice tests. “They look for certain profiles with them, and when they have those profiles, if they pick you, you start casting,” he recounts. They were asked to perform various tests, including simulations of being in a circus or a desert island.

Patxi Gallego Reality The Bus
Patxi Gallego, right, during his visit to El Bus.

“We are beginners and no one is ready for this role”, the magician’s profession confesses. It’s the exact opposite of what it is now. “They grabbed a lot of TV people so they had traction, which was more of a proposition. It wasn’t there before. we are anonymous It has to play a lot, because if it doesn’t, the audience doesn’t go up,” he explained.

one of four finalists

he made it.During his 61 days in the program, he Who was voted the most by the audience Enjoy getting off the bus for a few hours. “Because of the format, every week they fire some people and others come in. I’m into week three and I’m at the end. Every weekend, if you’re the most voted, you can go to the city where we’re going to eat and go for a walk in the restaurant. I The one who goes out the most,” he added with a smile.

Not only that, he also got Permanent record in a vehicle and one of four finalists. result, a Prize money 1,915,000 pesetas, about 11,500 current euros. How did you get it? “My character is a fun, interesting guy who doesn’t get into conflict or fights. They took the balancer. They were looking for someone with a lot of experience, I had a reel, I said a lot. You put it In a shaker with a bit of humour, and … to the end,” he elaborated.

Patxi Gallego The Bus Finalist
Patxi, received part of the prize money for reaching the finals.

So much so that one of the heads of show production company GestMusic Endemol admitted to Patxi that if it were up to him, “he would win the game because I’m the one who gives them the most viewers. But he also told me that on TV you lose or tie, not win, because they’re there to win. And I’m tied. “

“Now I’m not going crazy anymore. I have good memories but it didn’t give me anything”

Great memories of that stage and friends like Harvey or Sonia, winners. Even a year ago, they met again through social networks and created a group, all involved maintaining some of the lost connections. “The format is good, but it doesn’t have the punch, or they don’t know how to feed it back,” he admits.

Patxi Gallego The Bus Reality
Patxi Gallego, on the latest reality show.

He admitted that although he had a good time, “I’m not going crazy”“Not anything special, but what did it give me? From now on, nothing. And you realize you weren’t good at TV either, at least in those years. I’m grateful for getting into reality TV now. , and then the swirl of shows around…you have to be brave enough to criticize, to have an appetite,” he admits.

“It didn’t help me at all. didn’t open the door for me. Neither did my colleagues. In the end, on TV, you’re a product, and when you’re interested, they use you, and when you’re not, they don’t. But as life itself happens,” he explained.

Few people from Arava on reality TV

He also remembers his moment of fame after he left the show. “I walk into a McDonald’s, a supermarket or a bar and people recognize you and ask for your autograph, I can’t go out on the street. I have media pending; I’ve been lucky enough to open a few nightclubs and they pay dearly to do almost nothing ,” pointed out. “Seems like I’m a superstar and we’re nothing,Who said that. Just the images that come into their homes every day. As long as it lasts, it will last,” he added.

He knew he was one of the few people in Arava to have appeared on a national reality show and made it to the finals. What could be the reason for this? “People did show up, I know there were people calling some, but hard to describe. Now they’re looking for very contradictory people, they’re at least discordant… They want confrontation, you don’t shut up,” he said.

Nothing goes further than the character of that young Patxi Gallego, “he didn’t leave his community, it was a lemon pear for him”. Now, 48, married with two children (14 and 12), perspective has changed. “I find it funny when people say reality TV is the best experience of their life. Today, I would say no way, My life is twenty times better. It’s another life experience that I won’t repeat right now,” he insisted.

Magician Patxi Reality The Bus
A poster for one of the magician Patsy’s performances.

famous magician patsy

What he never tires of is magic, which is with him “forever”. Magician Patsy trained at the Magialdia Society, specializing in home and street magic. For 18 years, the world has given him great joy and he has triumphed internationally. In 2019 he was Street Magic World Champion in the famous master of magic. A possible repeat of Gesta in Italy next month.

Magician Patsy Reality Bus
Magician Patsy after winning the Magic Masters.

His hobby has taken him around the world, always trying to make the public laugh and enjoy himself. A wig, aviator glasses, or a hat full of glasses complements the different characters on the show. Shows where he recreates an atmosphere of hallucination and magic, mixing humor and drama to provoke laughter.

“From when I start preparing a trick to when I execute it, two years of work go by”

Magician Patxi Reality The Bus

numbers like this Houdini-esque escapism and trickery with banknotes, coins or cell phones They caused a stir. “From when I started preparing a trick to when I executed it, two years of work passed. And on the street it lasted ten minutes,” Patsy revealed. Magic is her passion, and it’s how she communicates it to people. “The street is a complex form, You have to get their attention and engage them before they get bored and leave“, he stressed.

But, once again, he’s proven himself to operate like a fish in water, and as happens on reality TV, his jovial, chatty and playful personality has made him successful.

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