Pablo Monteiro clarifies the controversy over the alleged veto against Palenques

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After strong rumors about it Paul Montero Banned from palenques before Fernandez family, Because I am participating in the unauthorized biopic of “The Last King”, whose second season will be shown on May 16, Now it is the singer who gives his version.

and that is , Montero denied this account, stressing that he had several shows in Mexico, South America and the United States. “I don’t know where the copy came from, but I want to clarify it to avoid confusion on the part of the audience.”

This is highlighted The tour he’s about to take is called “A Tribute to the King” and like the biopic, it’s meant to honor the memory of Vicente Fernandez, who died on December 12 in his native Guadalajara, Mexico.. “I have always spoken of the great admiration I have for Quente, I have known him so well.”

The Fernandez family intends to sue Pablo Monteiro

And the singer indicated, during an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, that the first date for these performances will be in Tapachula, Chiapas, where He noted that the only person the Fernandez family had contact with was Vicente Fernandez Jr.. , who showed him the material recorded on his father.

“I sent him (Vicente Jr.) some scenes from these biographies and he told me he got goosebumps listening to me, because he felt as if his father, Vicente Fernandez, was singing again. p It is very good that your eldest son tells me this, because it is a work that is done with respect and professionally.”

Although the translator of “Mi piquito de oro” did not want to give details of the comments made against him by the widow of Vicente Fernández, he emphasized on this occasion that it was better to talk about the second season of Syrah in that golden age of the singer “Divine Woman”.

Here we share a preview of the second season of ‘The Last King’.


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