Nijmegen hockey players relegated to transitional league after bizarre finale | Nijmegen eo . sport

Nijmeen – NMHC hockey players were unable to sustain themselves in the promotion category. After a violent final stage, in which Nijmegsen’s star was counting on a different outcome, the curtain fell.

While Rotterdam beat HBS 1-0, Nijmegen tied Groningen: 1-1. If Rotterdam scored another goal, the NMHC would have qualified for the final matches, but when the score in South Holland became clear, the NMHC were immediately relegated. This led to tears among the players who withdrew for longer in a corner of the sports park.

A few minutes before that, it was still looking sunny for NMHC, which advanced last quarter through Tessa Verweijen. However, Groningen came along, making the NMHC completely dependent on Rotterdam.

The NMHC has been active at a senior national level for years and in 2017 even in the Premier League. The team is now a step back down to the Dutch third level.

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