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‘I should have acted’ replied Minister Kag when she was greeted at Schiphol on her return from New York, questioned by nearly the entire press about her isolation in the Van Dremelen case, which had tasked the head of one of her party bureau chiefs. . None of the National Secretary present raised eyebrows at this statement, for that is exactly what Mrs. Cage did: until then she played the murdered innocence.

Represent He, after all, plays a role, preferably on stage or in the movie, as Carice van Houten and Pierre Bokma skillfully do. Acting is related to the actor, a word that has been part of the Dutch language for more than five hundred years. The representation is much smaller. This occurs regularly only from the middle of the nineteenth century and appears to be derived from the actor.

The actor himself has his origins in French and Latin the actor Which primarily means “the one who acts as an actor” and then also “the actor”, i.e. the person who performs the dramas. The subject of the noun is derived from the verb Omaris a synonym for Dutch “verb”, which we find in representation and especially in interaction and the English language to represent

Acting is a Dutch invention. As far as French and English know the word actor or actor, their activity is indicated not by acting, but by playing: Joyer or game† French and English Verb employee or Act, but they represent representation, representation, and the exercise of influence. In English harness racing circuits Act It can also be used to describe good performance. This meaning was taken by the Dutch sports press about forty years ago, because it is a daily newspaper devotion Written in 1988 about a cyclist who spent four years the acting In Italy, he received the points rating for the Giro twice.

But this is a different representation than what Ms. Cage suggested. She meant to act, a meaning that has nothing to do with the ordinary act of acting, but which cuts through the Dutch language of fashionable politician’s niggles.

Although, Sigrid Kaag is not the first to use representation in this sense. The Al-Sadiq newspaper On June 26, 1685 it is reported that Charles V’s army commander, Duke of Lorraine, had given the hand of Austrian Emperor Leopold I. Represent In the battle against the Turks, in which he achieved great success with the Polish king Jan III Sobieski and Eugene de Savoy. Acting in the sense of acting hasn’t stood the test of time, but perhaps Mrs. Cage would love to go along with the great warriors of the seventeenth century.

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