“Music is the summary of the cultural identity of those who made it” – Turin Today

there Rhabdomantic Orchestraa group that has seen the recruitment of thirty artists within it, was born in 2014 from an idea Manuel Volpe. The composer from Marches began studying music at the age of eleven and immediately became passionate about jazz and world music. With the Rhabdomantic Orchestra he made the album dawn And he came out recently MejriIt is an album resulting from the meeting of the Colombian musician and singer Maria Malul Moya. Mejri Set in the fictional Mediterranean, at a crossroads of confrontations and clashes between cultures, the film is set in red as the blood continues to stain. Mejri It’s a spiritual but political album that signals a change of direction from feeling purified from previous work to constant tension to sublime.

What is the history of the Romantic Orchestra group, how was it formed?

The Rhabdomantic Orchestra is the natural evolution of the track that began with my first album in 2013. Although the project was initially the Matrix of Songwriters, it involved many musicians from the most diverse musical experiences. The idea of ​​having an open group of people with whom I could discover, rediscover and experiment with my songs motivated me to the point that I decided to dedicate myself entirely to this project and to fully flesh it out. So far, I think at least 40 musicians and conductors have gone through with the Rhabdomantic Orchestra.

In your music you feel like telling the world, how can that be done with music?

Any experience mediated by the senses is able to evoke the memory or imagination provided by the other senses. Just as we can go back to a place from the fragrance, in the same way from the sound. This is because music, before it was a consumer product, is an outcome and a summary of the cultural identity of those who created it. Using these components, for synesthesia, it is possible to tell the world, real or imaginary.

Mejri He sees your collaboration with the singer Colombian Maria Mallol Moya How was the musical association born?

We have known each other with Maria for several years. I have greatly appreciated his projects such as “Natura Morta”, “Gianni Giublena Rosacroce”, “Lame”, I was fascinated by his ability to emulate from one genre to another, always keeping his artistic personality intact. From the moment we started working together, Mariah was able to understand the journey I had in mind.

Select disc Mejri A novel inspired by the magical surrealism of South America and the aesthetics of surrealism in general, how does this translate into notes?

I don’t think it is possible to refer to a formula. If we think of reading a book or watching a movie or painting, the fun is not only in the chosen form or medium. As I said, our mind complements that experience with the elements that shapes, colors, and sounds evoke. So I would say it Mejri It’s inspired by the magical realism of South America because those were the images that guided the writing of the record. If the listener recognized this as well, I would have hit the mark, otherwise it would just be a logo.

The latest work comes six years after the previous work dawnWhich hints at white while this alludes to red. The color difference also represents what are the other differences?

There is a chromatic thread running through the three albums I made: the first sparked black, the second white and the last red. In addition to referring to the colors of the three alchemical phases, the choice of red for “Majri” better represents the nature of this work which is based on the constant contrast between elements, types, and sensations. A clash may sometimes be violent, at other times a vital union, war and love, blood, life. All the senses that red brings with it.

Your musical and non-musical Turin.

Turin plays an important role in the music we make. As a local who has lived in this city for 12 years, it was impossible not to succumb to its magical and mysterious charms. Musically speaking, it’s a challenging, even if challenging, city. There are many bands and artists that we appreciate as well as utopias that are able to engage in first person perspective and without any support in order to bring the cultural show to life.

Scheduled live, appointments?

In July there will be some concerts, we will inform about the dates soon.

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