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Much research has been done on the effects of music on humans. Because of course it is a completely different thing if you listen to “The Girl from Ipanema” quite quietly, for example in the car, or out loud “The World is up in Flames”. Music “changes the mood of the mind,” Aristotle pointed out, and a patient or other hospital patient might be very interested in what he hears in the operating room while he lies there sedated with propofol. People already know from their visits to supermarkets, concerts and cinemas how sound guides people: with emotions.

Now a study conducted with young doctors and published in the medical media has revealed the effect of sounds and rhythms the Beatlesor hard rock from AC / DC on surgery. Researchers from Dresden and Mannheim found that inexperienced clinicians sewed intracorporeal nodes in Softrock particularly at medium size during endoscopic interventions. On the other hand, with hard rocks of large size, they cut faster. (In surgery, a quick incision does not need to be an advantage.)

Depending on the playlist, this script can also take a completely different turn. For example, if the author decides to put on Ravel’s “bolero” while writing or the soundtrack from “Play Me a Death Song”. Because, unfortunately the study does not take this into account, the associations that the music makes in your head are much more important than type and amplitude. With “Bolero” it could be a particular scene from the 70s erotic comedy “Zehn – die Traumfrau” or Loriot’s sketch “Das schiefe Bild”, where “Bolero” shows the desperate situation of a house guest in a strange life room illustrates. On the other hand, with the soundtrack by Ennio Morricone, Claudia Cardinale, but also the brutal Quentin Tarantino might come to mind.

Woody Allen once summed up the phenomenon of association as follows: “I can’t listen to much Wagner’s music. Otherwise, I would be motivated to invade Poland.” Indeed, the Ride of the Valkyries was used, for example, in old news reports about the Nazi bombings on the island of Crete or in Russia. For young vascular surgeons who don’t have much of a historical background, on the other hand, Wagner’s introduction to “Parsifal” may be inspiring as background music in the operating room.

In the end one can only hope that people will remain aware of the effect that music can have on them and others. You already know from having a family lunch together that it doesn’t have to Ramstein From the bluetooth box to completely get the mood out of control. Richard Clayderman is enough. Therefore, it is sometimes advised to completely do without music and roll up the vocal mat again. Too much phonetics can also cause stomach pain.


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