Martin Filo Returns: What’s the distribution criteria for 700 invitations, what privileges do stars have

This Sunday, the Martin Ferro Award Ceremony
This Sunday, the Martin Ferro Award Ceremony

Evening gowns and tuxedos are ready. Exactly two years after the coronavirus pandemic prevented such mass events from happening, tonight’s big party on Argentine TV is back: Martin Filo Award. All the guests are eager to make a grand appearance on the red carpet Hilton Hotelsthe location chosen for the party that will take place at 20:30.

But of course, the reality is There will be many celebrities who will have to undergo the ceremony on the Telefe screen. And, while there has been a race for tickets from the moment the awards ceremony date was announced, only the members APTRA (argentine association of television and radio journalists), the nominees and the guests of the channel performing the transmission will be able to cover it in Pacific HallWhere 70 tables will be arranged for about 700 guests to watch the ceremony live.

It’s like this, The 100 available places will be occupied by members of the entity that created the award., who voted first for nominees in 35 designated categories, and then voted for the winner who would win the coveted statuette. They are usually spread out over different tables, although in some cases the most well-known celebrities request to be accompanied by a specific member with whom they have a greater affinity.

Martín Fierro 2022 Invitations
Martín Fierro 2022 Invitations

For its part, Shortlists shortlisted on an individual basis, such as Best Actor or Best Driver, can be entered with companions. but in categories like Best Novel or Best Newsmention only some projects that include group work, invites to the channel they belong to and Each station’s press officers are responsible for deciding who they send on behalf of each station.. This explains why not all members of the nominated project can attend the party, and why characters who may not be part of any shortlisted list can.

In fact, The radio channel has received many invitations to fulfill its commercial commitments and ensure that as many familiar faces as possible are on the screen. For example, both Suzanne Jimenez picture Mirtha Legrand They were assigned a full table just to ensure their presence at the party. That’s why the former usually attends with her daughter, Mercedes Sara Barrusand some friends, such as Tete Custaro anyone Celia Sofovichand Chiki meet with your image consultant, Hector Vidal Rivasand some of his family members, such as his daughter, Marcela Tinelor their grandchildren Joan Yes Nachoviale.

On this occasion, an invitation letter with the signature of the President of APTRA, louis venturaand secretary William Belgery Notification of the Covid-19 protocol to be implemented, which requires Each participant presents proof of vaccination and a test with a negative result no more than 96 hours.For the latter, different offices Rossi Lab As well as mobile testing units located at different TV channels and APTRA headquarters, where guests can go for swab tests a few days before the party. To enter the room, you must also present a personal magnetic card and it is non-transferable.

The magnetic card to enter the lounge is personal and non-transferable
The magnetic card to enter the lounge is personal and non-transferable

the fact is, Beginning at 7:00 PM, as planned, the figures will begin posing and posing Specifically chosen for occasions in front of accredited photographers. Fashion critics will do their thing from different shows. Meanwhile, once the ceremony begins, there is room for controversy, which is already part of the Martín Fierro folklore, already in its 50th volume. Most importantly, however, the Argentine showbiz will once again gather to celebrate the 2021 TV production, which has managed to inform and entertain people with so much effort in an extremely complex context.

here, Full list of nominations for Martín Fierro in 2022:

best reality show

roasted, Telephone

cut and dessert, thirteen

star chef, Telephone

big show

Voice of Argentina, Telephone

show game, thirteen

The boat is doneTelephone

Best Television Jury

Ricardo Montaner, Lali Esposito, Soledad Pastoruti and Mau and Ricky, Voice of Argentina

Donato De Santis, Damian Betular and Germán Martitegui, chef celebrity

Angel de Brito, Carolina Pampita Ardohain, Guillermina Valdés, Jimena Barón and Hernán Piquín, exhibition match

Nacha Guevara, Oscar Mediavilla, Karina La Princesita and Moria Casán, Sing 2020

best novel

Belon TigerThirteen

1-5/18, thirteen


small victoryTelephone

best reporter


fire friendNine

National NewsThirteen

I follow XXI ATRTelephone


team flowerTelephone

What to see in NaraNine

us in the morning, thirteen

Pampita Onlinenetwork

every afternoonNine

Cut to Lozano, Telephone

Best Entertainment Game Show

Welcome aboardThirteen

Roulette of your dreamsyes, usa

minutes to win, Telephone

Best Quiz Game Program

100 Argentines saidThirteen

8 stepsThirteen


Who knows Argentina betterpublic television



not too lateTelephone

Bar ControversyU.S

in humor and current affairs shows

Beto Casella, nine

Diego Kroll, USA

Guillermo Lopez, United States

male driving job

Dario Barrassi 100 Argentines said

Santiago del Moro, chef celebrity

Mariano Giudica, Bar Controversy

Guido Katzka Welcome aboard Yes 8 steps

Marcelo Tinelli exhibition game

Mary, Around the world, La Voz Argentina and Minute win

Working as a female driver

Karina Mazoko, afternoon

Florence Pena team flower

Juana Viale, Lunch with Mirtha Legrand

Veronica Lozano, Lozano Clips

general interest

Lunch with Mirtha LegrandThirteen

PH, we can talkTelephone

i live for youNine

daytime news broadcast

Upper ArgentineThirteen

People’s NewsTelephone

noon soap operaNine

Central News Broadcast

US NewsU.S

Telefe NewsTelephone


fictional hero

Facundo Alana small victory

Luciano Caceres 1-5/18

Marco Antonio Carboni Belon Tiger

Julio Chavez Belon Tiger

fictional heroine

Augustine Cherry, 1-5/18

Juliet Diaz, small victory

Lily Gonzalez, 1-5/18

Natalie Perez, small victory

supporting actor

Alberto Ajaca, Apache

Diego Cremonesi, Belon Tiger,Thirteen/ monsoonTelephone

Rolly Serrano, 1-5/18

supporting actress

Leticia Bradys, 1-5/18

Sofia Gala Castiglione, Belon Tiger,Thirteen/ ApacheTelephone

Florence Raggi, monsoonTelephone


German Maggiore and Marcos Osorio Vidal, Belon Tiger

Lily Ann Martin, Jessica Valls and Marcelo Naci, 1-5/18

Erica Halvorsen – Daniel Berman, small victory


Dario Barassi, 13

Jay Marmon, United States

Mao and Ricky, Telefe


Adrian Caetano Apache

Alejandro Ibanez and Jorge Nisco, 1-5/18

John Taratuto small victory

male journalism

Rudolf Barilli, Telefe

Nelson Castro, El Tres

Jorge Lanata, thirteen

female reporter working

Marisa Andino, nine

Soledaragi, USA

Sylvia Martinez Cassina, 13

Christina Perez, Telefe

humorous work

Martin Camby, team flower

Robert Moldavsky, The boat is done

Patrick Muzio, Murphy’s Rock

Integrated production


Voice of ArgentinaTelephone

chef celebrityTelephone

team member

Martin Canda Laft, United States

Paul Cablan, Telefe

Yanina Latorre, El Tres


William Paniza, Telefe NewsTelephone

Fabian Rubino US NewsU.S

Santiago Zayn, us in the morningThirteen


selfie modeU.S

travel around the worldTelephone

Rest of the worldThirteen


country festivalpublic television

Murphy’s RockTelephone

God of Fortuneyes, usa

Saturday PassionU.S


football show, U.S.

passion for footballThirteen

bring the paddock backpublic television


environment and environmentNine

Argentine Emotional Archivespublic television

movie librarypublic television


Argentine chefpublic television


what a beautiful morningNine

Advertisement (Product)

every four years (simple), Don

Everything is better in black and white (Stella Artois) by GUT

i see i see (Flow), Don

Institutional spot

unlimitedNew Formula (YPF) by Riotous Hare

Essentials (Free Market), by GUT

Payada (Freedom Collective Project), by together with

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