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Luis FonsiTranslator of the popular song “Despacito” Marry the beautiful Adamari Lopez. She is an actress and TV presenter in telenovelas. The marriage began in 2006, but only three years later, it was terminated. More than a decade later, the singer is honest in an interview about how he felt at the time.

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The 44-year-old singer began his musical career in the romantic genre: ballads. His debut album “Comenzaré” was a resounding success and earned him a nomination for “Revelation Artist” at the “Billboard Awards” in 1998. Later, he released iconic songs for fans such as “Imagine Me Without You”, “I Don’t Expired” “Don’t Give Up” and a collaboration With many artists such as Noel Shagres, Alex Sentic and David Bisbal on the song “Aquí está yo”.

However, the scale of his musical success changed drastically when he decided to venture into urban music in 2017. He opened the year with the release of the song “Despacito” he sang with Daddy Yankee.

On her part, Adamari is a successful actress who has participated in novels like “Under the reins of love” and “Alma de Hierro”. He also participated in such programs as “Look Who’s Dancing”.

When the news of the couple’s separation was confirmed in 2009, the public was shocked. Although he is currently married to Águeda López, he could not help but recall unfortunately his divorce episode from Adamari.

How did the separation live?

In an interview with the programfrom you to youFrom Chilean Martin Camus, Luis Fonsi admitted that one of the most difficult moments in his life was his separation from Adamari Lopez.

When you look back, she says, “This was a tough time.” It was very difficult and I suffered a lot, but thanks to that moment it happened‘, referring to where life took him.Clearly, divorce is not fun for anyone.“.

Additionally, he asserted that these kinds of experiences helped him grow as a person.

It helped me grow up, appreciate things, and see life in a different color.”

He also mentioned that as two famous people, the fact that their breakup was medical made everything worse.

I don’t go into too much detail, because it’s a sensitive topic, but doing it publicly is twice as difficult. Because you’re in personal pain and have to show your face and ask when you don’t want to talk about it“, He expressed.

When you want to tell everything

The singer also commented that there were times when he intended to present his full version. However, he has chosen to keep his life private.

Protecting your private side is difficult because you want to talk more often. I am, in and of itself, a transparent man, whom you see is who I am. The one who gets up to sing is the one who talks to you now and who washes his car every day. I have nothing to hide or pretend, and oftentimes I speak more than I should. But one must also learn how to protect that“, He expressed.

Luis Fonsi admitted that when something excites him, what he wants is to share it with people and his followers. He said in a modest way that as an artist he is no different from others.

And this is true, because their social networks are full of photos with their families.

His Relationship With ÁGUEDA

At the time, many people criticized how quickly he overcame his divorce from Adamari, since a short time ago he started his relationship with Spanish model Ogueda Lopez. With whom he finally married in 2014.

I began again to dare to go out and meet. In a very crazy moment in my life, where on the one hand I said “Don’t start falling in love again”, on the other hand I said “That’s just what I need”“, claimed.

Currently, they have two children together and the artist said it makes him sad to be separated from them for so long..


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