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Mélenchon stipulates Ukraine’s entry into the EU with “social coordination from above”

Asked about the advisability of Ukraine’s integration into the European Union, Jean-Luc Melenchon answered: “I am against any enlargement as long as there is no social coordination from above.”

He explained, “We are going to bring the Ukrainians to Europe tomorrow. But what is their average salary? 180 euros. We will destroy everything, which is not what should be done. We must open up when we meet in social questions.”

“Who did it better?” Clementine Auten defends LFI over the management of the Taha Bouhafs case

Clementine Autan, the deputy for La France Insoumise for Seine-Saint-Denis, defended the way her party handled the Taha Bouhafs case, the time the LFI invested in the legislative elections, on BFMTV.

She pretended, “Who’s better?” , recalling that only 48 hours passed between the time of the report and the confrontation between the activist and the alleged victim.

“I have the impression that there is a desire to harm our new popular union,” she lamented, again believing that the journalist was the victim of a “campaign made up of racism and class contempt.”

‘It is the Prime Minister who directs the politics of the nation’: Jean-Luc Melenchon explains his intention to lead the Government of Coexistence

Jean-Luc Melenchon is a guest Sunday in politics This Sunday in France 3, from 12:10 pm. The renegade MP elected in Bouches-du-Rhône – but not a candidate for re-election – was first questioned about the NUPES legislative campaign, and about his desire to lead the coexistence government.

“I am determined to implement my program,” he called, acknowledging that he and Emmanuel Macron were “voluntary personalities”. “But the constitution states that the prime minister is the one who directs the nation’s policy, not the president of the republic,” he added.

“I hope you will go and file a complaint”: Clementine Auten indicates that justice has not yet been achieved in the case of Taha Buhafs

Clementine Autan, La France Insoumise MP for Seine-Saint-Denis, confirmed her support for women claiming to be victims of sexual violence by Taha Bouhafs, a time that LFI invested in the legislative elections.

“I hope you will go and file a complaint,” she said of a supposed victim, stressing that no complaint has been submitted so far. Reports were only submitted to the LFI.

“It’s up to her to make the decision, it’s a difficult and painful thing,” she says.

“Shocked”: Clementine Auten says she has read the testimony of a woman accusing Taha Bouhafs of sexual violence.

Clementine Auten, a deputy to France Insomes for Seine-Saint-Denis, said she was “shocked” when she read the testimony of a woman claiming to have been subjected to sexual violence from journalist and activist Taha Bouhafs, in BFM Politic on Sunday.

“I was shocked by what I read and also met this woman,” she said.

She asserted that she encouraged him to “communicate these facts” to justice.

Emmanuel Macron speaks with the new president of the UAE in Abu Dhabi

French President Emmanuel Macron and the new President of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nyan, affirmed, on Sunday, their desire to strengthen the already highly advanced strategic partnership between their two countries.

The presidency said in a report on the meeting that “the United Arab Emirates is a strategic partner for France, and the extent of our cooperation in various fields such as defense, culture and education attests to this.”

Emmanuel Macron was the first Western leader to travel to Abu Dhabi to commemorate Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE president who died on Friday.

The president, who was re-elected in April, also met his Mauritanian counterpart, Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani, one of the many leaders in Abu Dhabi to offer their condolences. He is scheduled to return to Paris on Sunday evening, while he is expected to appoint a new prime minister, followed by the appointment of the government, at the beginning of the week.

“We were not up to the election,” asserts Agnes Evren (LR)

The MEP and Republican spokesperson spoke on the weekend morning at RMC, to describe the reasons for the failure of her party, which won 4.8% in the presidential election. She says the roots of the problem are deep:

We must not hide in the sand, and realize that we were not at the level of selection, neither in substance nor in form. Not only did we lack embodiment, we lacked readability in our political presentation.”

She noted the complexity of the political lines of the right, among those who advocate the rally for Macron, the convergence of rights with the RN, or independence. While defending his part for the latter option.

My wish is simple. Far from the future of the right, the issue at stake is the future of the democratic debate, and whether we accept one central party against the extreme right and the left, which will make the Republican Right disappear.”

She insisted on allowing the legislative elections to clarify LR’s positions on their merits. Without ignoring that the incarnation poses a problem. And so I reprimanded Nicolas Sarkozy very silently before the presidential elections.

“We don’t have a natural leader, otherwise we wouldn’t be here,” the MEP admitted.

Adrien Quatennens asserts that ‘voting for Marine Le Pen is pointless’

request in big meeting In Europe 1-CNews-reverberation, in the Economic Program of the New Popular, Environmental and Social Consortium (Nupes), Adrien Quatennens mentions programmatic differences with the National Rally of Marine Le Pen. He opposed lowering the value-added tax, the main proposal of the far-right candidate.

“Madame Le Pen proposes to reduce the value-added tax, that is, to focus on the fact that the state relieves the most vulnerable families”, supported the LFI coordinator.

He wants to weigh measures to increase the purchasing power of the richest and the financial resources of large groups. “The CAC 40 declared a dividend of $80 billion at the same time, an increase of 84% in one year. We suggest a price freeze to say ‘stop’ earnings rise.”

Adrien Quatennens: ‘We’re not on the far left’

France Insoumise coordinator is a guest big meeting On Europe 1, he defended the political and strategic position of his party, following the electoral agreement signed with the Socialist Party, the Europe-Ecologie Les Verts and the Communist Party, within the Nupes.

“The electoral agreement follows a programmatic agreement. The presidential elections showed that the center of gravity of the left is the center of the estrangement right. We are not the far left. There are other parties in France, such as the NPA, Lutte Ouvrière. This is not an insult but a political characterization.”

Nadine Morano supports holding a European “conference” with Russia

MEP (EPP), the guest of “Grand rendez-vous” in Europe 1, has been highly critical of Europe’s openness, following Finland’s candidacy for NATO membership, and the “European Political Community” project mentioned by Emmanuel Macron this week.

She declared: “We see the nominations of NATO, the European Union, as if we can encircle Russia … We would prefer a big security conference to discuss the matter with Russia.”

She also rejected the idea of ​​ending the unanimous vote in Brussels, proposed by Emmanuel Macron and Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. It is an idea that would undermine the sovereignty and vital needs of states. It is not my Europe. We know Macron is a federalist, and I will fight that.”

Canonization of Charles de Foucault: Darmanin replaces Castex at the head of the French delegation to the Vatican on Sunday

Jean Castix was to lead the French delegation to the Vatican to mark the canonization of three Frenchmen on Sunday, including Charles de Vocalde. He was forced to give it up after the President of the Republic announced a trip to the United Arab Emirates, as the two chief executives were unable to leave the national territory at the same time. It is the Minister of the Interior who will make this Romanian trip in the end.

“I am honored this Sunday, at the request of the President of the Republic, to lead the French delegation to the Vatican for the canonization of three of our compatriots, including Charles de Foucault,” Gerald Darmanin wrote on Twitter.

Clémentine Autain will be a guest on BFM Politique on Sunday noon

The rebellious French MP elected in Seine-Saint-Denis, Clementine Autain, will be on our antennas on Sunday from noon. She is already a guest of our journalist Jean-Baptiste Porcier on the occasion of BFM سياسة Policy.

Elected local official, experienced but little connected to the environment: Catherine Vautrin’s chances have befallen in Matignon

An elected local official – in the Marne -, a minister under Jacques Chirac, connected to the social aspect of the Right … but to a lesser degree with the environmental issue.

This morning, our political journalist, Benjamin Duhamel, analyzed the strengths and constraints of Catherine Vautrin to apply for a Matignon.

Edith Cresson wishes “a lot of courage” for a potential prime minister and denounces the “manhood” of the political class

Will a second woman be appointed to Matignon? Edith Cresson, the only person to have held the position of Prime Minister, wishes him “a lot of courage” and “criticizes the ‘manliness of the French political class’ in an interview with JDD.

“The fact that the question of appointing a woman to Matignon is only in France,” decries Edith Cresson, who had less than 11 months left in this position, from May 1991 to April 1992, during François Mitterrand’s second seven-year term.

“Has been asked in the United Kingdom, where has Margaret Thatcher been in power for eleven years? In Germany, where Angela Merkel has been chancellor for sixteen years? This has never happened. The same for Portugal where a woman was appointed first minister long before me.” . . “, Emphasizes.

According to the former tenant of Matignon, “It is not the state that enjoys masculinity: it is its political class. These are the same attacks as today. I received comments I had never made before, I was constantly criticized, people commented on my clothes” says the former socialist leader .

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