Latest News / Urgent Today: “Group of Seven will not recognize changing borders by force”

The Western world, and beyond, continues to strongly and forcefully condemn Russia for the conflict in Ukraine. In this regard has been placed closing statement After the meeting held in Weissenhaus, Germany, where they attended The foreign ministers of the G7 countrieswhich states that “the G7 will never recognize the borders that Russia is trying to change by force.”

The goal, is to impose more sanctions that can target those sectors on which Moscow depends, and, moreover, the seven major countries of the world have China urged not to “fail” Sanctions against Russia, thus siding with the West. The German Foreign Minister also spoke at Weissenhaus Annalena Barbock, Which explained: “Moscow deliberately launched a war on wheat, deliveries are not possible and prices are rising, with the threat of starvation: it’s not collateral damage, it’s an intentional strategy.” According to Barbock, Russia “creates the basis for new crises so that international cooperation can be reduced.” (Updated by David Giancristofaro)

North Korea’s latest news: 174,000 more injuries and 21 deaths

still worrying COVID situation with respect to North Korea. After thousands of cases yesterday, injuries until today were many, to be exact 174,400, As reported by Ansa in its online version. Kim Jong Un’s government is officially talking about “feverish condition”, But it is clear that everything points to the Corona virus, because they are 21 people died at the same time in the last 24 hours.

The scenario is clearly getting worse and the North Korean leader has decided to chair a morning meeting at the Politburo, describing the coronavirus as a “major disruption since the country’s founding”. In total, they were in good shape between the end of April and May 13 524,400 people tested positive In North Korea, with symptoms of fever. As reported by the local Staapa agency, Kcna, 243,630 will be cured and about 280,810 will undergo treatment instead. (Updated by David Giancristofaro)

Latest news Ukraine and the Pentagon in Moscow: “Ceasefire”

We are moving relentlessly towards me 90 days of war in UkraineBetween the local and Russian armies, and even today no ray of peace can be seen on the horizon. Ukrainian President Zelensky has declared that he is ready to meet with Putin as soon as possible, but Moscow is not ready to back down from its positions, as a result of which a face-to-face confrontation remains impossible for the time being. This was confirmed by Putin’s words during a conversation with German Chancellor Schulz: “The stalemate in the negotiations is Ukraine’s fault.” Meanwhile, it is reported that another Russian ship was damaged in the Black Sea by the Kyiv army, while according to the New York Times, Russian soldiers are withdrawing from Kharkiv. Finally, it is worth noting the official request of the Pentagon in Moscow for a “cease-fire”.

Latest news, 187,000 people have fever in North Korea

The news filter is exciting North Korea In the past few hours, regarding people who may have contracted with Corona virus disease. According to the country’s official news agency, more than 187,000 North Koreans are suffering from fever and are in isolation and undergoing treatment. The news came the day after the call regarding the country’s first official case of coronavirus. “Currently, up to 187,800 people are isolated and treated,” the official news agency said, adding that six people who showed symptoms of fever have died, including one with Omicron. “Fever, whose causes have not been identified, has spread explosively across the country since the end of April.”

The latest COVID news and data from the Weekly Watch release

Like every Friday, the The usual observation of the International Space Station With all the weekly data on covid. – Positive cases for 100,000 people decrease from 559 a week ago to 458 today. Data on staffing for intensive care units and medical fields also performed well, with both declining. As for the cases detected through contact tracing activity, the number is stable, 13% today compared to 12% last week, and the same applies to cases discovered through the onset of symptoms (43% versus 42%) and diagnosed cases. By screening activities (44% vs 46%).

Latest news, 10 pro-regime fighters killed in Syria

very serious Yesterday’s clash in SyriaWhere the rebels killed 10 fighters loyal to the regime in the north of the country. As ANSA wrote on its website, this is the deadliest attack since the armistice was reached more than two years ago. He claimed that the bloody operation was carried out with a missile launched by the rebels and hit a vehicle of the fighters on the side of the regime, as reported by the Syrian non-governmental organization “The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”. And the same NGO explained that it was not yet clear whether the attack in western Aleppo province was by the jihadist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, firmly rooted in the region, or other. rebel forces.

Corona virus latest news

Improvement in COVID infection continues slowly but surely with new infections which was 38,507 with the new positivity rate dropping to 14.5%. The decrease is also evident compared to the same day of the previous week, when there were 43,947 cases. The number of deaths also decreased, 115 compared to 130 the day before. In the number of hospitalizations there was an increase of 7 units in intensive care units, while in regular wards there was a decrease of 251 units, with the total number returning to less than 8 thousand after several weeks.

Latest news, an official committed suicide in the metropolitan city of Palermo in Bagheria

Marcelo Miraglia committed suicide yesterday morning in Bagheria during his arrest on corruption charges. The 60-year-old metropolitan city official received a visit from financiers at his house at dawn and before they followed, a request to let him go to the bathroom, then threw himself from the window from the sixth floor, despite attempts to prevent him from financing, who accompanied him to the bathroom and injured him and he is now in the hospital. An investigation into this tragedy was opened by the Prosecutor’s Office of Termini Imerese. In the investigation conducted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Palermo about the suicide officer, bribes paid by some companies in the region operating in the waste disposal sector were mentioned.

Latest news, weather forecast for next weekend

Hurricane Hannibal will be the main weather protagonist this coming weekend and will bring warm currents leading to warming temperatures, with above-average values ​​for the period. The heat is expected to reach its peak due to this cyclone next Tuesday when the temperature in the north of our country will reach 32-33 degrees Celsius, with warm currents coming from Algeria and Tunisia. So it will be the first weekend at the beach with most Italians going to the beach to enjoy the heat and also to start swimming.

Latest news, a man found dead in a well in Reggio Emilia

The body of 77-year-old Giuseppe Pedrazzini who had been missing for a few months was found inside a well leading to the arrest of both his daughter and son-in-law who are being investigated for murder. Against Pedrazzini’s wife, an accusation was brought regarding the concealment of the body. The whole family is now in prison and there are serious indications of guilt for Pedrazzini’s death, even if they continue to declare themselves innocent.

Latest news, Treviso is offering bonuses to its employees for reporting potential new hires

All Italian companies are looking for people to hire and a Treviso-based company has created a system that offers a cash bonus to its employees who report potential new hires. The amount is €1,300 and will be paid to the person who submitted the report if it ends up being appointed after an initial trial period of six months. The entrepreneur at the company based in Treviso mentioned that he is looking for 20 people for his hard working company.

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