Kim Kardashian’s ‘suicide diet’ to lose 7 kilos in just over two weeks

Just a few days ago, socialite Kim Kardashian added another controversy to her long list of controversies that she has starred in since becoming an influential celebrity worldwide. During her time on the red carpet at the MET Gala, former Kanye West made history by wearing the original dress that Marilyn Monroe wore on the day she sang “Happy Birthday” to United States President John F. Kennedy; This will be the last appearance of the famous actress, as she was found dead a few months later.

However, the businesswoman had to go through a severe diet to lose seven kilograms and be able to wear this dress, which could not be modified in any way due to its historical value. “I haven’t eaten carbs or sugar in nearly a month! I’m so excited (…) I used the sauna suit twice a day, ran on the treadmill and only ate the cleanest vegetables and proteins. I wasn’t starving, but it was a very strict diet ”, admitted the celebrity, which sparked a fierce debate on social networks, because it promotes weight loss in a completely irresponsible way, according to nutritionists.

Kim Kardashian and Marilyn Monroe dress

“The way our bodies get energy is through these nutrients. Fortunately, our body has a tremendous capacity to adapt, and when it stops getting them in the diet, it activates another mechanism by which it changes carbohydrates to get fats for energy. That means Entering a state called ketosis,” expert Daniel Ortua said in an interview with El Español. This diet can be considered a suicide diet, because if people keep it for a long time, some substances begin to accumulate, which leads to a change in the PH in the blood, which leads to ketoacidosis or severe metabolic acidosis, which is a complication, if not controlled in time Appropriate, it can lead to death.

The nutritionist also explained that Kim Kardashian’s diet does not match ketogenic diets, as the consumption of carbohydrates in this diet is largely eliminated, but is compensated by foods rich in fat. In addition, he emphasized that following such drastic diets also results in immediate side effects, such as: bad breath, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, constipation, headache, abdominal cramps, muscle loss, irregular heartbeat, and irritability.

Orthua also explained that these extreme diets, without any medical basis or criteria, will not achieve your goal in record time, but can cause severe and irreversible consequences for health, so it is not recommended to follow Kim Kardashian as a dietary model, because people who follow this diet Food will force their bodies, causing a major metabolic impact and an increase in stress levels. The nutrition expert concluded, “Our body does not know whether we are dieting or we are facing an emergency situation (…) the risk of developing an eating behavior disorder increases dramatically.”

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