Immigration authorities deny the adoption of a harsh policy of entry and entry into and from the country

China: Immigration authorities deny adoption of harsh exit policy

On Friday, China’s National Immigration Authority denied false reports published by foreign media about its border control practices, stressing that these rumors are aimed at distorting and distorting exit and entry policies to and from China..

He said some foreign media had recently invented misleading information indicating that China had suspended the issuance of passports to citizens or prevented people from leaving the country..

A spokesman for the authority stressed that this misleading information is aimed at undermining the targeted and effective legal measures to manage entry and exit into the country, which were taken in the context of maintaining a coherent approach to responding to Corona. ..

The spokesman added that the authority has strictly implemented a strategy to prevent the entry of new infections into the country and the recurrence of the disease at the local level, which effectively reduces the risk of infection caused by people entering and leaving. of the country..

The agency said immigration agencies at all levels in the country have improved entry and exit measures to provide passport services to people who need to study, do business, research, medical treatment or other purposes..

Authorities have also stepped up passport services for people going abroad to help fight the coronavirus or transport relief supplies..

The spokesman warned that the global pandemic was not over yet and that there was much uncertainty about how it would unfold. of non-urgent and non-essential cross-border travel..

The spokesman said that people who need to enter or leave the country can get information from the authority’s official website, and from their account on the social networking program “Wechat” or its hotline..

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