Hyundai Children’s Book Museum wins IF Design Award

Hyundai Department Store and Hyundai Museum of Children’s Books and Art (MOKA), a state-registered top-notch children’s art museum, won the main prize at ‘IF DESIGN AWARD 2022’, one of the three major design awards in the world.

The Hyundai Department Store announced on the 15th that ‘Mocha Garden’, operated by the Hyundai Children’s Book Museum, won the main prize in the Interior Decoration category at the 2022 International Design Awards.

Held since 1953, the IF Design Germany Award is one of the top three design awards in the world along with the American “IDEA Award” and the German “Red Dot Design Award”. Each year, the competition selects winners through strict screening criteria such as ideas, differentiation, and impact in each category, such as product, package and interior.

The Moka Children’s Book Museum in Hyundai was selected as the main prize winner due to the high level of artistry in the interior design of Moka Library and “James Ion Garden”.

“The original interior design, such as the spatial configuration of the city where you can feel nature, sensual sculptures and the colors of Jaime Hayon, has been well received,” said an official from the Hyundai Children’s Book Museum. Great achievement.”

Mocha Garden is a storytelling culture and art space opened by the Hyundai Children’s Museum of Books in the Pangyu branch of the Hyundai Store in the Pangyu branch and Hyundai Premium Outlet Space One (Space 1, Namyangju).

With a total volume of 1653 °C (about 500 pyeong), the indoor garden is named after the designer “James Aeon Garden”, the indoor playground for both children and adults is “Mocha Play”, and the “Mocha Library” with a nature-themed picture Books and educational space Edulab It consists of three facilities. A variety of customer-engaged content curating design, nature, culture and art, such as “Little Botanist,” a plant culture education program developed by the curators of Mocha Garden and “Forest Tour with Mocha,” a natural culture and art education that explores forests In various countries around the world educational programs are constantly offered.

An official from the Hyundai Department Store said, “Mocha Park has grown into a cultural space representing the area visited by about 800,000 people annually.

Meanwhile, Mocha Garden is free to play every day from 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM and various contents are provided on Hyundai Children’s Book Museum MOKA YouTube account (Account name: Hyundai Children’s Book Museum MOKA).

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