High concentration of gas after explosion in the bakery

Lychen (dpa) – After the explosion in a house in Lychen, gas appears to be a possible cause. “Gas concentration is still high,” a police spokesman said Friday.

A gas explosion could not be named as a cause for sure. “Large landslides are taking place,” the spokesman said. “More evacuation measures are underway.” Meanwhile, 24 people had left the surrounding houses. The market remains closed to traffic, leading to widespread disruption. A townhouse with two shops – including a bakery – and apartments partially collapsed on Friday. One woman suffered facial injuries.

Lychen mayor Karola Gundlach was dismayed after the explosion in the city center. “We haven’t had any of that here either,” the non-party politician told the German News Agency. He was frightened when he saw the house. He wondered if anyone else was in the house. According to the information provided by the city council, the city council is helping to take care of the people who have been evacuated and to look for accommodation. The employee of the bakery who was injured returns quite well, the mayor said.


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