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The general secretary of the German charity “Welt-Hunger Helve”, Matthias Muge, warned that Russia’s war against Ukraine could cause more famines around the world.

“There are countries like Egypt, Kenya, South Sudan, Lebanon and many other countries that depend heavily on Russian and Ukrainian exports, directly or indirectly … these countries no longer receive the quantities they requested or have to pay much more for them. . “

Muge said food prices had already risen to their highest levels ever before the war, due to factors including climate change, conflict and the epidemic. She added that the poorest people, who are forced to spend most of their income on food, suffer the most. At the same time, you stressed that rising prices are a big problem for relief groups. “When the United Nations World Food Program was forced to reduce food rations for Syrian refugee camps in 2015, this was one of the engines of the great refugee movements in Europe. We must not forget that,” she said.

At a meeting of the Group of Seven at the level of foreign ministers, held a few days ago on the Baltic Sea, German Foreign Minister Annalina Birbock expressed concern about an “impending famine” in the world, accusing Russia of closing Ukrainian seaports. during the war and prevent the export of grain from Ukraine, which is one of the most important grain producers in the world.

On the other hand, Russia has responded decisively, rejecting any accusations of being responsible for rising food prices and the risk of a global hunger crisis. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on the Telegram channel on Saturday about her, saying that prices “have risen due to Western sanctions”.

“If you don’t understand it, it’s a sign of stupidity or deliberately misleading the public,” Zakharova told Birbock.

Another cause of the global food crisis is the collapse of the Ukrainian state – and the West is also responsible for this, Zakharova added.

“One of the reasons is Ms. Berbuk’s predecessors, who not only intervened in the situation inside Ukraine, but also manually modeled Ukraine’s interior and exterior,” Zakharova said.



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