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The president Alexandre Giammattei participated yesterday in the presentation of Budget Scenarios 2023, of the National Association of Municipalities (Anam), during which the head of state reaffirmed his commitment to work for development, in coordination with the country’s mayors.

“In order to move forward, municipalism must be made a reality. For this country to move forward, it is necessary to have the will of men and women at the head of the municipalities, to have resources and to have decentralization of the tasks of the Executive ”stated the president.

Giammattei highlighted the central government’s fluid communication with mayors, and especially with Anam. “This has helped to address and address the needs of each of the communities,” he said.

José Francisco Mejía, president of the aforementioned association of mayors, emphasized that the municipalities, since 2002, have not received an increase in the constitutional contribution. In the current fiscal year alone, all communes received an increase of Q605 million in the
referred to as.

“We have these resources available to meet the different needs of our communities.”
Mejia pointed out.

The president of Anam also mentioned the increase of Q400 million for physical work and infrastructure for the communities, through the works carried out by the development councils.

During the activity, the authorities of the edil granted the Order Manuel Colom Argueta to the president Giammattei, who thanked the recognition.

The head of state ratified the need to strengthen the municipal system to serve the communities.

Contingency plan

In another issue, the President of the Republic announced that next week the contingency plan will be presented for the effects in Guatemala of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, which are already being experienced in our country.

“It simply came to our notice then. All we needed was for the alarms to go off, so that we could implement the measures to contain the expenses in the Executive, where everything that is not essential will be left aside, to continue supporting the mayors and that the constitutional situation does not they are missing, ”said Giammattei.

Josselinne Santizo Photographer: Danilo Ramírez

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