Did Meral Aksener and Imamoglu Agree to Turn the Six-Piece Table?

Yeni Şafak writer Mehmet Asset, in today’s article, said, “Are Imamoglu and Akşener preparing to bring down the 6-group table?” “There were already rumors circulating behind the scenes that Meral Aksener and Meral Aksener were preparing to bring down the Six-Way Table together with Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu,” Asset said, adding:

He said, “The six-party table formed by the opposition bloc meets again on May 29.

This will be the fourth of the meetings that began on February 28.

Although most presidents continue their efforts to deliver strong messages on a rhetorical level, it is clear that they lack enthusiasm and enthusiasm in the early days.

The reason for this lack of enthusiasm is that they are far from reaching consensus regarding the establishment of a common policy and the nomination of a joint presidential candidate.

Although this is the case here, there is a noun that often repeats the assertion “we will define the filter together”:

Kemal Kilicdaroglu.

The CHP leader, in his recent remarks to Fikret Blah, reiterated his well-known views on two issues.

1- We have defined the qualifications that our presidential candidate must possess. 6 leaders will decide the candidate together. All six leaders will be behind this candidate.

2- Our mayors need to focus on their work.

They must remain in office until the end of the term for which they were elected. They must fulfill their obligations to the public.

Is the address of the messages Akiner and Imamolu?

Let’s talk a little bit about Kılıçdaroğu’s approach.

Under normal circumstances, there is not even a single name that supports the candidacy of Kilicdaroglu around Table 6.

In this case we will have to ask the following question:

Why does the leader of the CHP, who is said to be determined to become a candidate even though everyone at the table is against him, persistently persists with his rhetoric that “we six will decide at once”?

The answer to the question seems to have become clearer with some recent developments.

There were already rumors circulating behind the scenes that the IYI party, Meral Akşener, was preparing to bring down the six-party table with Ekrem Imamoglu, the mayor of Istanbul.

Aksener’s silence on the issue and the publications of Democratic Party Chairman Gultekin Uysal, who kept him at that table to say what he wanted to say but could not, caused despair in opposition circles and reinforced the feeling of “I think nothing”. It will come from this.”

In the past few days, we came across new rumors that İBB Chairman Imamoglu might be an IYI candidate if the CHP does not accept him, and that he and Akşener agreed on that.

Pay attention to what Imamolu said in the Black Sea trip!

When you look directly, it does not seem easy for Imamoglu to resist Kilicdaroglu, since he is in the position of “subordinate” in Akşener’s words regarding the presidential run.

But when you look at his rhetoric and actions, you realize that Imamoglu does not intend to give up his candidacy.

In this case, you inevitably begin to think about the factors that might be behind this “confidence”.

Imamoglu’s visit to the Black Sea during the Ramadan feast was discussed with the crisis mostly erupting through the journalists he brought with him.

This was normal, of course.

However, when you turn the tape back a bit and look at what Imamoglu said and the attitude he showed on that trip, you can get serious data that could fill the inside of such an article.

Imamulu developed a thesis against all of Kilyadarulu’s

Imamoglu’s landing on the Black Sea already contained a message that “I made up my mind about this.”

But there is another big question to consider.

How can he be a candidate despite Kılıçdaroğlu’s public opposition?

If you look at what was written by the journalists who participated in the Black Sea tour in those days, you can realize that Imamoglu developed theses against all theses of the president.

He is reminded of the Six Tables, first he says, “I am the leader of the Six Tables,” then he gives the message he really wants to deliver as follows:

This is not only the prerogative of politics, it is the business of the nation. Now, in such an environment, let six political parties solve it, and let us watch. Nothing like that.

Imamoglu developed a counter-thesis to Kilicdaroglu’s thesis that “If mayors become candidates, we will lose Istanbul or Ankara after 2023, because the majority of assembly members are in the AKP.”

There is a statement like this:

“Mr. President gave two speeches in the same week. This is exactly what he said: After the general elections of 2023, the real owner of Istanbul will be the AKP. Don’t say 2024. Why did he say that? Find the answer. Then, I will answer the other question.”

Let’s do this fix first.

Erdogan has no statement meaning that a regent will be appointed in Istanbul after 2023.

It is clear that Imamoglu wanted to use some of Erdogan’s statements, which reveal his desire to win the elections in Istanbul, to force arguments in his favour.

But the point worth noting here is that Kılıçdaroğlu wants to take his strongest argument for his “guardian thesis”.

Where does this courage come from?

Or does he secretly agree with the leader of the IYI party and defy Kılıçdaroğlu with complete ease?


What do you think?

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