D’Angelo is the king of the rankings, each point costs only 134 thousand euros – sport

by Michele Bufalino

The most important indicator for understanding the efficiency of the team, and above all, the coach’s work with human capital at his disposal, is the relationship between the points obtained on the field, the rising position and the millions spent. In this, Pisa Luca D’Angelo has practically no rival in the league. Despite last year’s investments and salary increases, which rose from 7.5 million euros in the 202021 season to around 9 million euros in the current season, Pisa is not the club that spends the most on fixed salaries and bonuses. junior clubs, but in fact it occupies the twelfth place in the current championship. To this we must add the 67 points obtained by Luca D’Angelo’s team on the field, and by combining the two, with third place in the standings, it turns out that the Nerazzurri have already spent €134,000 for each point they won. This in fact makes not only the Nerazzurri club among the most virtuous in terms of quality-price ratio based on the results obtained during this tournament, but also Luca D’Angelo as the coach who appreciated his players the most. Take Parma, for example, whose economic management was in fact completely bankrupt. The Dukes finished a paltry 12th place, while spending more than 3 times what the Nerazzurri did on salaries, at over €32 million, but the percentage rose to nearly 6 times what Pisa did, with over €660,000 spent on each point. The duke won.

Bad, in fact, very bad, Monza Berlusconi, who spent 21.3 million euros in salaries, lost the direct promotion on the last day and put himself one position behind the Nerazzurri in the standings, with 334 thousand euros for each point won. Even D’Angelo’s next opponent, Benevento, is among the top spenders, with 17 million euros in salaries, which finished the team in seventh place (271,000 euros per point). The only two players with tangible results are Lecce and Cremonese, respectively, with 11 and 14 million euros spent, which is in fact more than Pisa, which remains undoubtedly the most virtuous among the major clubs in this tournament. In particular, Lecce spent exactly the same as Brescia. The real surprise of these qualifiers is that Perugia is the second squad still in the game, after Pisa, (6.4 million euros in salaries) that has spent less and also the ratio of millions to points that are better distributed, with a spending of 110 thousand euros. for each point.

However, those who spent less or who compared themselves better in relation to the available budget did not always achieve results. Then there is the ’cause’ Cosenza who spent €4.5m and scored 35 points and had the third best value for money in the league, but this led to her relegation on the pitch.

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