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The latest news on the pandemic on Sunday, May 15

• Locatelli al Corriere: more than 3.5 million Italians without boosters.
• In Italy, new COVID-19 infections (36,042) and victims (91) patients in intensive care (340) and regular wards (7,650) over the past 24 hours decreased by 14.5% yesterday.
• On the other hand, the numbers in Asia are worrying. China gave up hosting the Asian Cup in 2023 due to the ongoing epidemic.
• Another 15 deaths were recorded in North Korea. On Thursday, the country formalized its first outbreak in more than two years.

14:24 – Sicily, an increase in injuries and 14 more deaths

(except for my penis) The positivity rate continues to rise in Sicily and touch 15%. Steady growth continues in the past few days. The current positives are 95,434, a decrease of 1,449 cases. 4,102 healed. The number of deaths due to Covid-19 continues to rise in an alarming way, and the new victims are 14. This brings the total deaths since the beginning of the Corona virus pandemic phase to 10,763. On the front of the hospital, 686 patients were admitted, a number in a slight decrease, while the number of patients remained in Intensive care is stable. In terms of the spread of infection at the regional level, Catania jumps to the head, while the province of Enna and central Sicily are the least affected regions.

13:28 – Faya: Stay tuned for vaccine updates, let’s get back to life

Next in the update. We will finally emerge from this pandemic by focusing on the future and innovation, defeating fears, obscurantism and disaster. We’re taking our lives back, let’s not let it be stolen anymore! write it on facebook Francesco Fella Director Inmi Spallanzani in Rome, regarding the updated Covid vaccines to circulating variants that should be ready in the fall.

12:58 pm – Balance Sheet: 226 new domestic cases in mainland China

there Mainland China Yesterday, 226 confirmed cases of COVID-19 were recorded with local transmission, of which 166 were in Shanghai. This was announced today by the National Health Commission in its bulletin. In addition to Shanghai, another 10 provincial-level subdivisions in mainland China reported new local cases, including 33 in Beijing. Shanghai also reported local transmission of 1,203 asymptomatic people, out of a total of 1,492 newly identified in mainland China. After recovery, 448 patients were discharged from hospitals, and 6,141 confirmed cases are being treated in hospitals. According to the commission, three new deaths from the virus have been reported in Shanghai.

11:26 am – North Korea confirms 15 more deaths from Seoul virus

there North Korea It confirmed 15 more deaths from Covid and hundreds of thousands of other patients with symptoms. The additional deaths reported on Sunday brought the number of virus-related deaths in the country to 42. The Korean Central News Agency also reported that another 296,180 people with virus-related symptoms were counted, bringing the total number reported to 820,620.

10:35 – Media: Seoul will propose talks with Pyongyang for assistance

there South Korea It plans to propose talks with North Korea to help the neighbor fight the spread of the COVID-19 infection, Yonhap News Agency reported today, citing a high-ranking source in the Seoul government. The source said the government is actively studying the opportunity for North Korea to formally present a working meeting earlier this week. He added that Seoul plans to send the offer to Pyongyang after consulting with the ministries. Earlier, the official representative of the South Korean president said that Seoul is ready to provide the North with supplies of the coronavirus vaccine and other medical products.

09:25 – Shanghai, the gradual reopening of shops from Monday

Shanghai He announced a gradual reopening of stores from Monday, after a two-month closure due to the resumption of the Covid epidemic that forced 25 million people in the Chinese capital to stay confined to their homes. In announcing the measure for the shops, Vice Mayor Chen Tong did not specify whether it was a gradual resumption of activities in the city or whether it would be subject to health standards. The zero-status policy requires that there be no new positives for Covid for three days: for the Shanghai authorities, the target was reached in mid-May. In the past 24 hours, 1,369 infections were recorded in the capital, compared to more than 25,000 last month.

08:34 – Locatelli: Too many without boosters, 3.5 million Italians

The use of stimulant doses has less use compared to the desired doses. Despite the impressive results obtained in the vaccination campaign, more than 3.5 million Italians have not yet received it: this is how Franco Locatelli, Chairman of the Supreme Health Council, in an interview with Corriere della Sera. In addition to the spontaneous participation of the population – he adds – the role that both general and specialist practitioners play is fundamental. Active cooperation between districts and health authorities is also needed in contacting those who need more coverage. Whether it is necessary to receive additional doses of the vaccine in the fall and what categories will be seen over the next few months. The variables involved are many, from the duration of protection conferred by current vaccines, to the variables prevalent in that period, to the epidemiological situation with special consideration given to the occurrence of severe cases. On the other hand, Locatelli has few doubts about the need to provide vaccines capable of daring to protect the latest variants such as Omicron. We expect approval and availability in the fall.

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