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At the moment, after more than seventy days of fighting, operations are stagnant at more than 80 percent according to the latest weekend reports, and Moscow is in a turning point due to the commemoration of the final victory of World War II, today it is defined whether war is declared and, if so, a general mobilization by the reserve units of the poorest regions of the Russian Federation begins.

But Putin does not recognize Ukraine as a sovereign state or as a nation: Why should it declare war on it? Russians, who are weakened and unable to predict public reaction due to political attrition, which would jeopardize their power and leadership.

The latter is particularly important at a time when it is at odds with international public opinion and in some Russian sectors. It is assumed that keeping 20 percent of Ukrainian territory under control, the constant bombardment with missiles and penetrations in multiple sectors of the occupied territory, can serve as blackmail for the non-intervention of Western forces.

Rebuilding Ukraine’s infrastructure will be a daunting, time-consuming and time-consuming task.

But Putin is not interested in international laws and regulations. He launched a war of extermination in Ukraine, he is convinced that he can get more profits by destroying Ukraine, than the war costs Russia in human terms, material losses, economic damage. He threw himself into the armed arm and is the only one who can stop the war at any time.

With or without negotiations, but have no doubt that if there is no honorable exit for Putin, his soul will not tremble to attack Moldova, Finland, Sweden and any neutral country. With a unified Europe and a NATO contributor, it would be very compromised because of the troops involved in the invasion of Ukraine.

The West’s fear is that the current conflict will spread to other latitudes and that the supply of oil, natural gas and coal will be denied by the countries dependent on the Russian Federation.

Financial, economic and trade complications are affecting most countries, especially those in the Western Hemisphere.

The current war will spread in time and space, due to the demands of the Kremlin and the position of Kyiv with its counter-proposal to the negotiations also stalled in Turkey. While Russia is carrying out a covert mobilization of reserve units of the poorest parts of the Federation.

Some Asian analysts consider some options for the collapse of Russia, but they are assumptions based on the development of war games with augmented virtual reality and artificial intelligence that implements various dynamics of algorithms for the construction of probable scenarios. in the future.

It is a probability, but we will have to wait for the specific conditions for an interpretation of the events that come to this end.

Analyzing the circumstances and events that are taking place in the areas affected by this conflict allows us to glimpse possible scenarios; nothing can be ruled out in the uncertainty of war, in which paradigms overflow and disappear at an incredible rate.

Fighting continues in sectors where destruction, desolation and death are the common denominator. Rebuilding Ukraine’s infrastructure will be a daunting, time-consuming and time-consuming task.

The Russian offensive met with unprecedented resistance from the Ukrainians which invalidated the prospect of invading military commands; moreover, they never imagined Western support for Ukraine and rejection of the invasion by the international media.

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