CNN Chile presents its first mental health TV show with CAP support

market research company Ipsos, Its latest report has been released “World Happiness 2022”Whose opinion appears more than 20,500 people in 30 countriesincluding Chile, with a view Measuring the level of happiness that exists among citizens.

According to the survey, 53% of Chileans declare themselves to be a happy/somewhat happy personbeing below the world average (67%) and stands like The fourth country with the lowest percentage in this region. This situation is related to the rates of mood disorders, the prevalence of people with depression or anxiety and the dramatic increase in psychological and psychiatric consultations in the past two years.

this is the reason CNN ChileAnd Rasmus founded s CAP . group Present healthy mindThe first television program on mental health, which was born as a result of the repercussions of the crisis caused by the Corona virus. It will be a space that addresses human well-being and mental health from different perspectives: neuroscience, emotional education about problems and diseases, and techniques that help achieve greater satisfaction.

The launch of the .. the launch of the .. the take off of the healthy mind attended by the Minister of Health. Maria Begona Yarzawho celebrated the initiative of being “a meeting place to talk about our things. The solutions to these problems are not one by one, but are solved collectively, through support networks, platforms, and someone who talks to me, understands what’s going on and gives me the tools,” he said.

“In times when external triggers and the effects of the pandemic have increased the prevalence of mental health problems for many Chileans, Sana Minte wants to be an informed and educational contribution thanks to the voice of experts. As a channel we seek to take responsibility for a current problem, put these issues on the agenda and allow easy access and timely solutions to these problems,” he noted. George CareyCNN Chile President.

made by Avila pigeonThis 16-part series is shown Saturday 14 MayAnd It’s 10:00 pm. healthy mind Its goal is to collaborate with the destigmatization of these diseases in the population. For this, the space will open paths along with education, compassionate conversation and delivery of tools that facilitate their proper identification and treatment.

Mental health is a cross-cutting issue in the population and in various areas of life. this is the reason The space seeks to process conversations inside and outside the home with questions about happiness at work, Coexistence, harmony and relationship with their daughters, for example.

to John Henry RasmusPresident of the Rassmuss Foundation and Member of the Board of Directors of the CAP Group, “The world of education and work, where we spend a large part of our lives, is severely challenged by the mental health crisis we are going through. It is more necessary than ever to promote quality work, an educational climate and leadership that is able to integrate This dimension. We know very little about mental health and how to deal with situations that affect it. That is why we participated with the greatest enthusiasm in this initiative, which we hope will be a contribution to providing tools and information that give people greater well-being.”

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