Child stars: Malia and Sasha Obama, Little Girls in America

When the world discovers the faces of Malia and Sasha Obama, it’s 2008. Their father, Barack Obama, has just been invested by the Democratic Party. He will represent his camp in the upcoming presidential elections. On stage, the Illinois senator was surrounded by his clan. Michelle Obama and his wife since 1992 and two daughters: Malia, born in 1998, and Sasha (her real name is Natasha), born in 2001. They were then 10 and 7 years old, respectively. A few months later, after the election of their father to the head of the country, their lives will change radically. Because if the two girls got involved in Barack Obama’s campaign to become president by showing themselves at his meetings, they would now find themselves being scrutinized by an entire country.

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Growing up under the eyes of critics

Chicago-born Malia and Sasha Obama are both packing their bags to settle in the White House. Changing the scene and situation that worries their parents. Barack Obama will say in his podcast: “When I took office, our biggest concern with Michelle was seeing them adopt the attitudes of spoiled young girls, or the belief that everyone eats in China. It has to be said that their lives are like a dream. Young girls travel the world, meet celebrities, and cross paths. With up-and-coming politicians like Nelson Mandela in 2011. They also appear alongside their dad like Thanksgiving during the presidential pardon for Turkey, Christmas or Easter celebrations.But the rest of the time, Malia and Sasha Obama are little girls like the others.They continue their studies at a school Sidwell Friends are in Washington or spending time with their friends. Their dad will explain in his podcast: “They’re not locked in a bubble like I am. They go to the mall. They sleep with friends. They are invited to the prom. Malia started learning to drive. They work very well. The only difference with normal humans: when they go out, the security service constantly follows them. A limitation that would weigh on their daily lives: “Teens, intelligence agents followed them while they were dating romantic, I think that cut them off from any desire to live a life of public service,” Barack Obama said at the end of his term on the set of the “Late Late Show.” . Little girls don’t forget to have fun. In 2016, Malia Obama will be photographed by “Radar Online” at the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago smoking weed. Pictures are the headlines. A few weeks later, her 15-year-old sister was surprised by a party where alcohol flowed freely. interest ? You cannot drink under the age of 21 in the United States. Small mistakes that quickly go unnoticed in the middle of the cycle without a mistake about the two girls.

Write your own story

In 2012, Barack Obama finally left the White House. The family then moved to a luxurious mansion that was purchased for $8.1 million in the Kalorama area of ​​Washington. Sasha Obama has yet to finish her studies at Sedwill Friends School and her parents don’t want to leave town before she finishes high school. Malia Obama, began her graduate studies at Harvard University after a year off. At the time of their departure, the President’s two other daughters who also lived in the White House will write a touching letter to Malia and Sasha: Jenna and Barbara Bush. George W. Bush’s twins wrote: “You have survived the tremendous pressure of the White House. You have heard the harsh criticism of your parents from people they have never met. You hold your head high while your parents make headlines. Your parents, who put you above all else, Not only did they show you the world, but they gave it to you. As they always did, they will support and encourage you in the next chapter of your life. And the United States, too.”

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Malia Obama already has a clear idea of ​​what she wants to do next. Passionate about cinema, the young woman has already taken courses in the middle. In 2015, she participated as a production assistant in the filming of “Girls” of the Lena Dunham series. A role she had already taken on the set of another series: Exist with Helle Berry. During her vacation year, Barack Obama’s daughter specialized a bit more and entered Weinstein’s company into a new internship (long before the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke). While continuing her studies at Harvard University (just like her parents a few years ago), Malia Obama got her first job: screenwriter for Donald Glover’s series “Hive,” produced by Amazon Studios. In an interview with Vanity Fair, the author of the series “Atlanta” will justify himself: “He is an incredibly talented person. She is very focused. She works very hard. I have a feeling that very soon good things will happen to him. »

For her part, Sasha Obama finished high school and then enrolled at the University of Michigan in 2019. But an epidemic later, the little girl was photographed in Los Angeles alongside her sister. Malia Obama’s sister has already transferred to the University of Southern California. According to the American media, she will live for a few months the perfect love in the arms of Clifton Powell Jr., the son of actor Clifton Powell, especially in the movie “Ray”. On the set of Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Obama will relish the situation: “They loved the Jonas Brothers, and now they are bringing the guys home. Before, they only liked pop bands. Now they have friends, real life. They grew up right before our eyes and they are fine.” From saying that the deviations of the two girls are rare. In 2020, Sasha Obama will be fast appearing on TikTok, dancing among her group of friends. The video caused an uproar but was quickly removed from the platform. It’s hard to live like an ordinary teenager when you’re the daughter of a boss.

Young women commit

If, a priori, Sasha and Malia Obama had no intention of entering into politics, they nevertheless defend their convictions. In 2017, the two older sisters did not hesitate to participate in a demonstration against the resumption of work on the “Dakota Pipeline” announced by the Trump government. In 2020, together they participated in the Black Lives Matter movement. Obligations that can worry their father at times. In an interview with CNN, he explained, “In the face of what you and I have been able to put up with by saying to each other, ‘Things are as they are,’ their attitude is to say, ‘Why? Let’s change that.” It is seen not only in my daughters, but also in their boyfriends. (…) They not only want to make a noise, they want it to work out. He continues: “I am still concerned for their physical safety; It’s normal for a father…but in terms of their ability to decide what’s good and what’s bad, and the role they’ll play in making the country a better place, they don’t have to worry. Nobody doubts that.

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