Changing a child’s world

DELFT – The transition from primary to secondary education is not easy for everyone. You are suddenly asked for more and many things are already changing. To lend a hand to children, there is School’s Cool. Will you lend a hand to School’s Cool again?

“It takes a village to raise a child.” And School’s Cool wants to be part of this ‘village’. Since 2009, the school’s Cool Delft has been connecting mentors (at home) with children who could use extra care during the transition from primary to secondary education. In 2009 they started with first-year students, later students from group 8 and secondary school were added. School ‘s Cool is a mentoring program that aims to increase students’ self-confidence and self-sufficiency so that they have a good and enjoyable school time and graduate successfully. School’s Cool helps to increase equal opportunities in Delft: “No matter how vulnerable children are, they still have opportunities. And we believe in equal opportunities for all children, that every child has the right to a successful school career, regardless of their situation.

The secret of School’s Cool is attention: the mentor offers individual guidance: they come to the students’ house for an hour and a half and a half every week. By the way in your own family environment. It is not a tutorial; Orientation focuses on teaching the skills the student needs. Think about planning and “learning to learn.” Most importantly, however, mentors are there for the student to be seen and have a safe place to ask any questions they may have. This gives (extra) self-confidence and motivation with which students are able to develop more. The period at School’s Cool lasts from one to a year and a half. This includes the months just before and just after the ‘bridge’, so mentors can see if the student lands well. The aim is for students to be able to continue independently after this period. But the period is not a law: School ‘s Cool offers tailor-made solutions, which means that one mentorship lasts a little longer, the other a little shorter.

They wanted mentors
Each school year, School ‘s Cool supervises about 100 students. New mentors are needed to continue doing this. So you have one hour a week left over? Give it to a student. “One of our mentors once said it very well: helping a child may not change the whole world, but it may change a child’s world.” Information: [email protected] or

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