“Celebrity Hunted 3”: They will be the nine VIPs on the run

The Amazon series, defined as a “reality thriller”, is now in its third edition

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April 12, 2022 at 10:02 AM

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The new VIP getaway “Celebrity Hunted”: The Amazon series, defined as a “reality thriller”, is now in its third edition, which we will see in the coming months streaming on the Prime Video platform. With a cast, of course, all renewed.

To escape from a group of experts this time will be comedian Katia Follesa “solo” and four couples: Fabio Balsamo I Ciro Priello of The Jackal; Marco D’Amore I Salvatore Esposito from the acclaimed “Gomorrah” series; Luca Argentero with his wife Cristina Marino; and finally, two very popular artists both returning from the Sanremo Festival, Irama I Rkomi. These nine superstars will have to invent everything to hide for two weeks, with limited financial resources available, constantly “hunted” by security experts also secret services who can use any (legal) means to track their movements and stop his career.

The second edition of “Celebrity Hunted”, released in 2021 and still available on Prime Video, was won by Elodie and Myss Keta.

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