Cathal Brugha and Vincent claim the glory of water polo

It wasn’t until the last 20 seconds of the match that the final of the Irish Men’s Waterpolo National Cup final was decided last night in the University of Limerick pool.

Belfast’s Cathal Brugha broke the heart of his Galway rival Corrib with a goal from the last chance of the game to win 10-9 and complete the League and Cup double.

The women’s final, an hour earlier, was won by Dublin’s perennial champions St Vincent’s.

They took the national title by a score of 8-2, which did not reflect the courage and determination of their Drogheda rivals who were unlucky not to convert more than their chances.

It was Vincent’s 10th consecutive women’s title. If there’s anything in the water around the club’s Glasnevin center, unfortunately Vincent’s men aren’t drinking from it.

They were eliminated by Brugha on their way to the second consecutive title.

The intensity of the women’s final became apparent when she had to stop due to an injury to Vincent’s goalkeeper who had to get out of the water to recover.

Water polo is a minority sport but it is all insular and practiced by a small group of clubs across the country.

St Vincent’s Alex San Emeterio was named Young Player of the Year

The Irish Senior Cup, which is held for four days each year in 30m deepwater swimming pools, is the sport’s version of the All Ireland final.

But Irish Water Polo and Swim Ireland also take the opportunity to recognize their all-star teams and individual male and female athletes.

Watch the closing stages of the tournament here.

Women’s Tournament Team:
1. Danielle Clemmer (Drogheda)
2. Christine Farrelly (Drogheda)
3. Simona Herbaj (Drogheda)
4. Lisa Kelly (St. Vincent)
5. Kate Hynes (St. Vincent)
6. Laura Murphy (Sant Vicenç)
7. Sophie Moran (Tribes)

Women’s Tournament MVP:
Lisa Kelly (Saint Vincent)

Tournament Men’s Team:
1. Christopher Hodgkinson (Cathal Brugha)
2. Jonathan Donnelly (Cathal Brugha)
3. Eoin Nolan (Sant Vicenç)
4. Adam Caulfield (Corrib)
5. Michael Murphy (Corrib)
6. Kyle O’Kennedy (Corrib)
7. Caleb Bowden (Clonard)

Men’s Tournament MVP:
Jonathan Donnelly (Cathal Brugha)

Young player of the year
Alex San Emeterio (St Vincents)

Complete results: Saturday 14 May

Semifinal: Drogheda WPC 11 v 2 Tribes WPC
Semifinal: St Vincents WPC 14 v 4 Cathal Brugha WPC

Final: St Vincents 8 v 2 Drogheda

Semifinal: Cathal Brugha 10 v 7 St Vincents
Semifinal: Corrib 12 v 5 Clonard

Final: Cathal Brugha 10 v 9 Corrib

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