Biden dead, replaced by VIP as Jim Carrey

A strange conspiracy theory sees Jim Carrey take over from Joe Biden

  • QAnon is known for spreading strange conspiracy theories every time
  • This time one of his followers wanted to aim high
  • He said U.S. President Joe Biden was dead
  • Several masked celebrities have reportedly replaced him
  • Among the best known are Jim Carrey and James Woods

In the last and strange conspiracy theory of QAnona Donald Trump supporter insisted U.S. President Joe Biden is dead some time ago and it was replaced by a series of masked celebrities. One of his “alter egos” would even be the star of The mask Jim Carrey. Talking to Jason Selvig about organizing satirical news The good liarsthe woman said the proof that Biden was dead lies in the fact that she was tripped on the stairs leading to the Air Force One. It was precisely in that circumstance that Carrey was, according to him, “.act stupid by falling down the stairs three different timesWhile wearing a convincing Biden mask.

According to the woman, Carrey would be one of the people involved in an attempt to “wake people up“In America, along with another great movie star, Trump’s staunch supporter James Woods. Several people have expressed their disbelief that someone thinks such a thing surreal. One user wrote: “Because every time I watch one of these interviews I think about it nothing could be crazier and then punctually overcomes it next time by interviewing someone even crazier?“. Or again:”Where did these people come from? And how do they live in real life when they can get so far with the mind?“.

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The theories of QAnon believers

The exact number of QAnon believers is unknown, but followers are very active online. They believe in a strange mix of conspiracy theories, including the idea that U.S. Democratic politicians have he drank baby blood on a secret basis under a pizzeria in Washington DC. Many of those who support these claims are also members of armed militias that have threatened to launch a civil war in the United States following the defeat of Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. the assault on the Capitol building in January 2021.

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