Best program on Uruguayan TV?: What do the networks say about the program “Who is the mask” – Tvshow – 05/13/2022

Warning: This note contains details and disclosures of the second program. Who is the mask?

With its second broadcast, the program Who is the mask? Social networks once again swept, specifically Twitter, where the topic of conversation became viral in an instant.

under a mask William Franchila? Involved Gerardo Nieto? from ultraton? Actcross piece Incorporates the program that drives his son Maxi? Course followers are filled with questions and instantly throw them to the networks.

Last night, in fact, was several topics trending on twitter In Uruguay, all in reference to the cycle that Channel 12 It celebrates its 60th anniversary. “#LaMascaraUy”, “Miguel Ángel Rodríguez”, “Gerardo Nieto”, “Ultratón”, “Tero”, “Arturo Valls”, “Francella”, “Hueva” and “Cacho De la Cruz” were TT users on the social network for a bird.

Lots of witty reactions on Twitter were related to the revelations Arturo Valls As the true identity of candy machinewhich is something the researchers expected but that was still surprising.

And there were those who only praised a suggestion Channel 12and to confirm without hesitation that this is Uruguay’s best TV show in a moment.


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