“Bars for Rare”: Susanne Steiger experiences amazing things in front of the nightclub

“Bars for Rare”: Susanne Steiger is waiting in front of the nightclub; what happens then, I could not have guessed

15/05/2022 at 11:48 h

Cash for Rare: These are the distributors

Cash for Rare: These are the distributors

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Then someone says, “Cash for Rare“Distributors would not be real TV stars!

At least since its first appearance on the ZDF flea program “Cash for Rare“Susanne Steiger is well known throughout Germany. As the jeweler became famous through the format, she finally experienced it in the open street.

“Bares for Rare”: Susanne Steiger doesn’t want to afford a celebrity bonus

Susanne Steiger is now part of the veteran “Bares for Rares.” Since the second season of 2014, the Aachen native has had a place in the ZDF program’s distribution room.

In November 2021, only one episode of the format reached an impressive 2.34 million viewers. Valuations that other productions can only dream of. With this scope, of course, it also raises the level of awareness of Susanne Steiger and her retail colleagues.

Have you ever used it in your private life? Who wouldn’t want to play the celebrity card to put themselves in a better position or enjoy special benefits? Susi, as the 39-year-old is called in the ZDF program, at least not!

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Three facts about “Bares for Rares” star Susanne Steiger:

  • Since 2015 she has been certified as a diamond appraiser by HRD Antwerp
  • In 2016 it was ranked 176th on the “Showlist of Show Jumpers in the Rhineland”: in the Rhineland-Palatinate it reached 57th place.
  • At “Bares for Rares” he bought a gold jewelry cross with 40-carat diamonds and papal-sealed wood chips for 42,000 euros, a record value for the ZDF show.

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Bouncer acknowledges “Bares for Rares” dealer: “I was very uncomfortable”

When ZDF editors asked her about this, Susanne Steiger was very embarrassed: “Well, I’ve never used my name so directly before.” However, the dealer recalls an experience in front of a nightclub that he still can’t get over. to this day.

“I went to Düsseldorf for dinner with friends and then we wanted to go to a club. There was a big line in front of the club and I was queuing in the back and the goalkeeper saw me too, “said Susanne. Shortly afterwards, the security services gestured.

“Then I passed the line and I felt very uncomfortable because everyone was waiting for them and I was inside,” says Susi, upset at night. I never thought it would be possible for the garbage program to benefit you from partying.

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More about “Bars for Rare”:

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In a previous interview with “Bares for Rare,” Susanne Steiger revealed which man beats her heart.


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