Back to the art and food scene in Montreal

With art, culture, entertainment, and more and more outdoor activities and restaurants, it’s time to head back to Montreal, the jewel of Canadian tourism.

From Guadalajara Airport, Air Canada, Canada’s largest national and international airline, offers some options to get to Montreal via Houston, or by direct flight from CDMX; At the same time, last year it received Diamond Status certification from APEX for the Biosafety Program for Handling COVID-19 Protocols.

Gastronomy that stands out

Start your adventure with a fresh and affordable breakfast at Jean-Talon Market, where you can buy souvenir maple syrup or packaged salmon.

Montreal is the second largest city in the world (after Paris) where French is spoken, but The charm of the French city does not remain in the language, it is transferred to the buildings (such as the magnificent basilicas Nutr-Give me Montreal) and cozy cafes and restaurants that serve this type of cuisine and of course croissantwhich will have its annual festival: Viti du croissant On May 28. At this event, more than 100 Quebec pastry shops and bakeries will gather to serve up fresh croissants for just $1.25.

As a lunch option, there is the renovated HOLT Café, which is located inside the elegant Holt Renfrew and Ogilvy Shopping Center and celebrates contemporary Canadian cuisine. Be sure to try the eggs Benedictine with burrata and pancakes with mascarpone, fresh fruit and salted caramel.

After a while of shopping on Rue Sainte-Catherine, a few steps away, at 1440 rue de la Montagne, you will find MarcusHe praised it as one of the most beautiful restaurants in Canada, and is located inside the hotel four seasons This invites you to try innovative dishes and desserts prepared by the famous culinary team Marcus samuelson (Swedish-Ethiopian chef and restaurateur, chef at Red Rooster in New York, judge on various TV shows and winner of the Bravo series: Top Chef Masters.) Within the menu of this vibrant contemporary brasserie, find a feast of seafood, like fresh oysters, crab legs and lobster tail, vegetarian options like roasted cauliflower with almonds, caramel portobello and sophisticated desserts like cream caramel or strawberry yuzu tart.

art in motion

Montreal’s artistic and cultural scene is always on the cutting edge of exhibitions and shows waiting to be discovered; Like reimagined The aura, where images and surround sound are displayed inside a basilica Nutr-Give me.

At the end of May, visit as many museums as you like on Museum Day in MontrealAnd The time museums offer free admission and activities, such as guided tours and workshops for all ages.

Among the museums you will visit this spring We recommend the Museum of Fine Arts Montrealwhich provides free admission to all exhibitions and groups on the first Sunday of every month, It’s free for those under 20 and has special rates for people ages 21-30. Currently showing a display of 100 works and a series of murals is Nicolas Party, a contemporary Swedish artist known for his painstakingly composed paintings, painted sculptures, and installations drenched in saturated colour.

Until October, the Museum of Pointe-a-Calières Archeology in Old Montreal will present the Vikings-Dragons of the Northern Seas, which includes some 650 objects and artifacts from the collections of the National Museum of Denmark.

Other noteworthy shows include the Barbie Expo (the largest free Barbie fair in the world, with over a thousand Barbies); Lashing Skies (an immersive 45-minute audio journey of 5 stories imagined in the context of the events of September 11, 2001), presented at the PHI Center, a location where art, film, music, design, and technology meet; and RECHARGER/Unwind, an immersive experience with the work of some of the most prominent local and international artists in the world of digital arts, presented at Oasis, a new space in the Palais des Congrès.

wellness renewal

An award-winning spa in its first year of operation and a recently renovated one, a celebrity chef’s restaurant, kids’ activities and personalized service are just a few reasons to choose Four Seasons Hotel Montreal.

In the heart of the bustling Golden Square Mile, home to glamor and charm since the 19th century, the hotel’s location allows you to walk just 150 meters to the Museum of Fine Arts, or just take steps to explore St. Catherine’s shops. The concierge department can provide you with local recommendations. At the same time, they can help you create a personalized tasting tour.

In addition, Four Seasons Hotel Montreal will seek to take its wellness program to the next level with the opening of the Guerlain Spa in early May, as a result of its alliance with the LVMH Guerlain brand, through which it seeks to achieve a new relaxation experience that will continue to position the hotel as an urban destination. Where beauty and wellness meet.

Four Seasons Hotel Montreal is located at 1440 avenue Montagne, Montreal, QC, Canada. More information about the hotel in

take note

Prevention of COVID-19

Remember that since the beginning of March, all visitors who have received at least two doses of an acceptable COVID-19 vaccine can enter Canada without PCR or antigen testing; No visa required either, just fill out and pay for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), which costs C$7. See more information about Montreal at

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