At Divinely Bien we fight overweight and obesity through sport and coexistence

At Divinely Well, we advance by small victories. Like that of this gentleman who, for the first time in twenty years, managed to lean forward to tie his shoelaces. “Victory is there for us too,” said Tiffany Esteoulle. The young woman has just opened her second club Divinely Well, in Toussieu (Rhône), southeast of Lyon. And he still remembers the pitfalls of his project when he responded to a real need: a sports club dedicated to overweight and / or obese people.

I am a teacher of APA (Adapted Physical Activity), and I have worked in rehabilitation centers, clinics, he remembers. But already in college, I had the feeling of abandoning my patients at the end of their medical care. At the hospital we have everything available, but outside, it is difficult to do overweight sports. So my partner, who is a physical education teacher in college, told me it was time to leave as a liberal to accompany them outside! »

First franchise in the Lyon region

Although the concept of Divinely Well was solid, the banks were initially reluctant: “When you go to see them at the age of 23, when you leave the studio with 1,000 euros, it’s complicated !, recalls Tiffany Esteoulle. But we believed in it, and started 2017 by opening a small center in Drôme, near Valence. Five years later, word of mouth has done its job. Divinely well franchised and opens its new center in Toussieu. “We choose peripheral areas because we need a large free car park for our customers who walk a little,” says the founder.

The other peculiarity of the club is that it does not employ any sports coach, only APA teachers. “We know exactly how to care for someone who has several associated comorbidities. We work in small groups of up to eight people per hour, of whom we know each tab. Even in a joint session, the configuration of the machines and the expected performance will be completely different. from one person to another. ”

Younger in the Rhône

While in the Drôme, the club had many retirees, the Rhone branch welcomes younger people. Which isn’t necessarily good news, when it comes to health. “Obesity is on the rise, affecting more and more young people,” laments Tiffany Esteoulle. Today, in college, we see teens with a morphology that we were over 30 years ago. And when they reach 30, overweight is already present. We have more of a role to play in preventing and preventing these people from becoming obese. »

The Divinely Well team completes its offer with food advice, always in a welcoming atmosphere to keep you motivated. “Someone we like will last over time, and we can act on their long-term health,” said Tiffany Esteoulle. Gaining self-confidence on a physical level brings well-being and results. »

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