An emerging barn was opened in Lobberich –

From left: Barbara Schmidt, Susanne Ciernioch (THE SCHEUNE Textile Museum), Sabine Monz (City Marketing), artist Ursula Mühling (Photo: City of Nettetal)

net. The textile museum “Die Scheune” goes to the city center

The emerging barn at Hochstraße 73 in Lobberich has recently opened since 11 May. The emerging barn should inspire, surprise and become a new material home for creative ideas.

What is special about the concept of pop-up barn is that it sees itself as a “space for art and culture,” as a cultural and transgenerational meeting place; its own programming can therefore be complemented with external events, readings (concerts) on current social issues. So to speak, Nettetal’s first practical museum: a space to try and experiment. The creation of an “extracurricular location” is also conceivable, because a location in the center of Lobberich also means good public transport connections and offers good opportunities for synergy and public relations effects in a central location.

The City of Nettetal is pleased to implement another project from the NRW Ministry of the Interior, Municipal Affairs, Building and Equal Opportunities’s “Immediate Program to Strengthen Our Inner Cities and Centers in NRW.” “We are very pleased to be able to give Susanne Ciernioch and her convincing concept a start-up grant in the form of funding.” Sabine Monz, head of city marketing at Nettetal City, is pleased with the new settlement.

Susanne Ciernioch, head of the “DIE SCHEUNE” Textile Museum, is also pleased with the new location: “We, the Textile Museum team, are very pleased with the opportunity to get extra space with the emerging barn and therefore try something new and keep networking The idea of ​​the emerging barn is a creative space in the heart of the city that invites exchange and hopefully leads to greater cooperation with cultural institutions and art lovers, such as the reading that takes place in October as part of the Nettetal. Literature Conference ”.

The current “SchnittStellen” exhibition by artists Ursula Mühling and Christina Owezarek-Prag connects the museum’s two locations: Hinsbeck and Lobberich, a concept that will be maintained for the next two exhibitions.

In addition to exhibitions, there are workshops for young and old, such as the Fair Isle fabric. Every 2nd Tuesday of the month, creative people are invited to an “open meeting” between 5pm and 7pm. After the summer holidays, a brochure will be published with the course program for the second semester of the year.

More information:

The emerging barn is open every Wednesday from 2.30 pm to 6 pm and on the following Sundays: 15/22/29 May and 5 June from 12 noon to 5 pm.
The emerging barn can be found at 41334 Nettetal-Lobberich, Hochstraße 73

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