Allegri Juventus Lazio: “We honor Chiellini and Dybala, Bonucci’s captain. And on Pogba…”

On the eve of Lazio, the Juventus coach said: “It will be the last game at home, and we finish well. Sarri will welcome the right way because he won the last Serie A title. The defeat against Inter must stay in it.”

Judging by the way Massimiliano Allegri presented himself in the pre-Juventus press conference against Lazio, the defeat in the Super Cup is yet to be digested. Unlike usual, the technician does not want to joke this time and responds very annoyed to journalists’ questions. “One vote per season? These are trivial questions, if you want I’ll tell you 3 write them… When you are at Juventus the ultimate goal is to win, but if you don’t reach the Champions League, an economic gap will be created, as it has happened to other teams. I’ve heard About this story of bankruptcy several months ago. Everyone at Juventus has high expectations, us first. We regret not winning any titles but reaching the Champions League is not a trivial, economic and sporting goal. Next year we must prepare to win the Scudetto.”

Anger and wounds

Allegri declared his satisfaction despite Juventus not closing the tournament since 1961-1962 without beating any of the top three in the standings: “I am satisfied with the growth trajectory and the minimal goals achieved, but not because I have not won trophies. With Inter, we played Always good matches even if they are not needed because only results are important. We have to deal with Wednesday’s defeat with us. The anger at not winning the cup has to stay in it. I think the team did their best, but in the long run we paid for the painful injuries.” In fact, the traumatic injuries are only those of Chiesa, McKinney and Caio Jorge, while all the others were muscular and Juventus has a very high rate of missed matches due to physical problems (of the whole team only Valhović, who arrived in January., did not miss No match due to physical problems).

Market at the end of the season

Even the transfer market is not a topic he likes to talk about: “At the moment it does not make sense, we will do an assessment with the club at the end of the season to plan for next season. Vlahovic will be a better player next year because he spent six months at Juventus, and we will see Chiesa and McKinney again. The company was Always ready and we will try with the market to fill in the gaps. Pogba is a Manchester player and we will talk about him at the end of the season.”

Captain Bonucci

Finally, he admitted that he believed in the Scudetto, although he had always publicly claimed the opposite, declaring who would be the new captain: “The team’s personality has grown this season, the defeat against Inter slowed down in the league. In the lead-up to us, in the Wednesday match we could not Bringing back the Coppa Italia. When you don’t win, you don’t have to talk but focus on what you have to do next season. As for the hierarchy, the team will be at Bonucci’s level next season.”

double farewell

Tomorrow, Juventus will not play much in the standings, such as “honoring the latter at home” and a well-deserved salute to Chiellini and Dybala: “Chilini and Dybala are two different things, Giorgio stops or will have another experience, Dybala only changes the team.” And there will also be the return of Sarri, who according to Allegri “will be welcomed in the right way because he won the last Serie A title”. As for the line-up, Danilo and Arthur, who finished the season, will be absent. Zakaria took a kick in the thigh yesterday and will not be available tomorrow, McKinney will probably be present starting Wednesday. Meriti will play again.”


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