Akşener could not control his party: his instructions remained in the air

IYI party chief Meral Aksener’s election promise on “civil information”, which includes non-Islamist Turks, has already begun.

Akşener recently took the relevant book on the rostrum of the party group IYI and said, “We will teach it in the schools under our rule,” and said that it will be distributed to the party organization. However, the presence of severe insults and slanders against the Prophet and the Ottoman Empire in the book caused reactions in the public and within the International Year of the Red Cross party. So far, no indication of the book’s distribution has been found.

Organizations stay away

While this development has been interpreted as Akchner’s refusal to distribute by defecting from his election promise, IYR organizations have not shown any interest in the book, despite Akchner referring to the book with “you will receive”.

It will be with Notok

Aksener showed the party members the book “Civil Information” and said, “If we come to power, we will read this book in schools. You will receive this book and distribute it to all our youth organizations. From now on, this is our gift beside Nutuk.”

discussion book

Avet Inan claimed that the book was written by Mustafa Kemal on the 25th anniversary of Ataturk’s death. The book was republished in 1969, on the 30th anniversary of Atatürk’s death, with some documents added, under the name “Marriage Information and Writings of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk”.

Advice not instructions

The leadership described Akchner’s instructions for “distributing this book” as “not an instruction, but a recommendation.” The lack of distribution of the book was defended, as “Akşener did not mention the entire book, only Turkish modernization sections should be read”.

full of slander and slander

Here are some parts of the book, which appear in the preface again in Aksener’s words, which offend Islam and the Ottoman Empire:

The religion established by Muhammad was based on the policy of Arab nationalism that prevails on all nationalities. She expressed this Arab thought with the word “nation”.

The Turks were a great nation even before they became Muslim. After accepting this debt, this debt; It did not affect the Arabs, the Persians of the same religion, nor the others to unite with the Turks and form a nation. On the contrary, it loosened the national ties of the Turkish nation. National sentiment, patriotic excitement numb. That was very normal. Because the goal of the religion founded by Muhammad was the policy of a comprehensive nation above all nationalities.

– In the book stating that the religion of Islam is based on a widespread Arab national policy above all nationalities, “This Arab thought was expressed by the word ‘nation’. Those who accepted the religion of Muhammad were forced to forget themselves and devote their lives to promoting the word of God everywhere.” It is mentioned that the minds are watered by memorizing the Qur’an.

– For Yavuz Sultan Selim: “They destroyed an unknown man in Egypt because he is the caliph, and they put both golden chests as a sign of the caliphate and a privilege, saying it is the jacket of his fleece. They became caliphs.”

source: new dawn


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