50 years later, homegrown music stores still make our dreams come true

It’s a magical place for kids like us. A place where you can go on a Saturday morning and become someone else, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Buddy Rich. When you dream about music, playing an instrument is the first step on the ladder of your fantasy. And here, you can have fun.

Anyone who wants to be a rock star knows what I’m talking about.

music store. Endless sparkling guitar line. A wall of megaphones, like fat sentinels with screens on their chests. Keyboard after keyboard, smiling at you with white and black teeth. And the drum set. Oh, the drum kit! Maybe if you just sit down and start tapping lightly and see if anyone notices, then hit a little harder, then hit the cymbal, then your foot, it’ll hit the top hat or the bass pedal, look here! You keep the beat!

What do you think?

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