[특허동향] “Biodegradable plastic” is one of the alternatives to solve the problem of plastic waste … Increasing patent applications: Patent news

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According to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission last year,And Our people are average 2.3daily charge OneUse a dog maskAnd one day 2Ten millionAnd annual 73It is estimated that more than one billion.

aura19 Mask available afterAnd glovesAnd After air pollution and water pollution, the use of single-use plastics, such as packaging materials for delivery, has risen dramatically.3Industrial pollution is the main cause of soil pollution as well as marine pollution.And When burned, harmful gases such as dioxins are emitted, which leads to social problems besides smog, which has recently become dangerous..

This is not just local. Corona invaded the world19As a result, the problem of plastic waste is becoming more and more serious in countries around the world..

these timesAnd In order to solve the basic problem of plastic waste, it has been found that patent applications for biodegradable plastics, which are degraded much faster by microorganisms than traditional plastics, are increasing..

market research company 360iby searchAnd Global Biodegradable Plastics Market 20public 51billions of dollars(Approximately 5Article – Commodity6814100 million won)at ’25public 89billions of dollars(Approximately 9Article – Commodity9146100 million won)Like 2It is expected to grow about twice.

According to the patent officeAnd A patent application has recently been filed regarding biodegradable plastics. 5public(’16~’20) annual average 18% increase2016public 97in the case 2020public 190by gun 5in a year 2almost doubled.

Considering the percentage of applications according to the nationality of the applicantsAnd Koreans recently 5public(’16~’20) continue to increase steadily 16public 78in the case 20public 158by gun 2while doublingAnd Aliens repeat twists.

especiallyAnd aura 19I started ’19Since 2013, the number of applications from foreigners has been on a declining trend, while the number of applications from Koreans has steadily increased..

Consideration of the percentage of applications by the applicant(’16~’20), Percentage of applications submitted by companies 68%Take the lead in filing. Personal(14%)College(12%)Deposit percentage ofAnd Research Institute 5%Busy.

whileAnd Percentage of applications submitted by individuals 2019public 11.7%at 2020public 18.9%increased toAnd This is the corona 19 Since then, the growing interest of individuals in single-use plastic waste appears to have reversed..

LG Chem multi-app rating(24Issue), Samyang . Company(15thIssue), Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology(14Issue), Lotte Chemical(14Issue), Kingpa of Science and Technology(12Issue), sorry(9Issue) He found that companies and research institutes are trying to secure patent rights in that order..

Recently 4public(’16 ~ ’19) Principal applicant(Multiple applications 1 to 6classification)Considering the raw materials of the biodegradable plastic used,And rest 47Issue(60.3%), carbonate 16Issue(20.5%), mixture of these 5Issue(6.4%), etc.10Issue(12.8%)Esters account for more than half..

The proportion of ester-based applications by applicant nationality is 51.7%On the other hand, aliens 88.9%It can be seen that the technological development of foreign companies is more concentrated in the ester system..

Share local orders 16public 31.3% 17public 53.8%, 18public 40.0%, ’19public 71.4%gradually increasing withAnd As with foreign companies, technology development for Korean companies is also focused on esters..

Examiner Jong-gyu Kim from the Polymer Fiber Inspection Division of the Korean Intellectual Property Office The last aura 19The need for environmentally friendly plastics is expected to increase due to the sharp increase in plastic waste and stricter regulations on the use of single-use plastics worldwide.And It is important to continue research and development and secure patent rights.She said.


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